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We inspire and challenge our students every day. Not just to memorize books, but to live them; not just to study science, but to experiment with it.

A warm welcome from our Head of School

Hello, my name is Mr Ryan Witt and I’m the Head of School. I’m honored to have the privilege of welcoming you to Tianjin International School.

For over 35 years our school’s doors have been open to foreign passport holders living in this wonderful city of Tianjin, China, and inviting them to participate in a well-rounded, high-quality education program. The encouraging and diverse atmosphere of our school provides children with a unique environment to gain cultural enrichment and age appropriate development.

From our Foundations Class to our High school, there are moments at every turn for students to discover something new, to grow in their abilities, and to encounter a life-changing experience.

I am confident that whether your child is three years old, finishing high school, new to international schools, or a long-time attendee, you and your family will feel right at home in our school. The education is rigorous, but the opportunities and experiences at our school are incredibly rich and give the students that start here the ability to go anywhere.

So, come; we would love for you to visit our campus, meet our exceptionally qualified and friendly staff, and see what it means to be a part of the Tianjin International School family.

Ryan Witt
Head of School

Vision + Mission

Our vision is of world-class servant leaders raised up in every vocation. Our mission is to enable transformation in every learner’s life.

Our values

Discerning then acting as one


Our school is one large community of people, and in order for the school to thrive, we need to be on the same page. Through regular connections with staff and parents, school leadership listens to the community’s thoughts and suggestions on how to make our school a better place for our learners.

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Serve our communities and cultures


From service clubs to service trips, our learners are given opportunities to serve people outside their regular network of friends and family. We’ve all been given skills and gifts, which we should make use of, so our students are encouraged to help and support in various ways, inside and outside of school.

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Inspiring change to realize greater potential


Young learners are gaining knowledge and experience each day at school, and it’s important we help them understand what they’ve gained. As learners mature in their understanding, the next step is to take what they have learned and bring awareness to how they can utilize it for the greater good.

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Making a positive difference in the lives of others


We want to inspire every learner to make an impact in this world, and it can simply start with those they see each day at school. From seniors assisting their underclassmen or Grade 6 students reading books to Early Childhood students, small acts of kindness like these make way for opportunities to impact younger learners in a big way.

A brief history


Small beginnings
Our school starts life as MTI Education Program, located at Tianjin Binguan Complex, and comprises a Head Principal, six full-time teachers, several part-time teachers and 30 students.


Going up in the world
Now based on the top floor of the Xing Guo Middle School, we celebrate our ten-year anniversary and change our name to Tianjin International School.


Moving with the times
With an Early Childhood Center established, another campus move happens—this time to our current location in Hexi District. The extra new space allows us to expand our teaching, to include popular subjects such as Robotics.


Growing with our students
We celebrate our 35-year anniversary and also move our school’s accreditation to Cognia, the largest education improvement organization in the world.

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In this section

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From the inside out

Our qualities

There’s more to learning than gaining knowledge. To bring transformation from the inside out, we stay true to our values and invite everyone to join in.

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World-class people


Receive the highest-quality education from world-class teachers in a school with a deep understanding of culture, and using the latest and leading standards, practices and innovations.

our tianjin international school facilities building and campus
Built for purpose


Our campus provides a nurturing environment for learning, a safe space for curiosity, and a close-knit community for growth.

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Putting students first

Safety + well-being

We’re proud to be a safe and caring community with our own counselling team, support specialists, and on-site health office.

Recognized for excellence

Cognia logo

Tianjin International School is accredited by Cognia, the largest education improvement organization in the world—demonstrating our commitment to learners, teachers, leaders and communities.

A special encounter

Book a personalized tour of Tianjin International School and experience this life-changing community for yourself.

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