Welcome from the Libraries

We have two beautiful libraries at TIS: one ECC/Elementary Library dedicated to younger students and a Secondary Library which focuses on older students’ reading needs. Mrs. Molly Strong, head librarian, has been working at Tianjin International School for over a decade as a teacher. She holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. This is her first year as secondary librarian. Mrs. Susan Zhang, the elementary librarian, has 10 years’ experience working in the elementary library. Mrs. Sharon Cooper, secondary librarian, and Mrs. Johanna Schreur, technical services librarian, complete the librarian team for the 2017-2018 school year.

Both libraries are not merely a place where we foster students’ love for lifelong reading, but also social learning spaces where students are encouraged to come in as casual groups to mingle with each other, and at the same, learning commons where they can be productively doing research, getting book recommendations, having direct access to the guidance counselors, and finding career resources. The elementary library is equipped with an enclosed classroom students and teachers are welcome to use to practice speech assignments, work with friends, or tutors. In a nutshell, the libraries are the information hubs where the students learn to become proficient digital citizens.


For more detailed information about the TIS Library, please visit our homepage http://library.tiseagles.com

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

What is the role of the PTO?
·         To help make our school a great place for our children to thrive
·         To provide opportunities for parents to connect with one another
·         To encourage parents’ involvement in their children’s education, class, and school
·         To organize fundraising efforts to support some additional programs, equipment, and services not covered in the school budget
Throughout the year we have a number of special events which parents are encouraged to take part in. Our first PTO event is a PTO tea on Wednesday 7 September at 10am at TIS. This will be a great opportunity to find out more about what we are going to be doing over the next year.
There are also regular classes which parents can sign up for. These include: a parent choir, a keep fit class, English, Chinese and Korean classes and a sewing club.
If you have any questions regarding the PTO, please email: pto@tiseagles.com

At TIS we believe that when our graduates leave and head out to find their place in the world they are ready to fly.  It is our goal to help them reach their potential academically and to be ready to face whatever the future may bring their way.  We enjoy the opportunity to chat over a cup of coffee when alumni return to Tianjin for a visit, and to encourage them that even though years pass they have not been forgotten.  So, if you are an alumnus please come back and visit and we will do our best to give you an Eagles’ welcome. To contact the Alumni Relations department and if you are interested in receiving the alumni newsletters write to Alex Wuest at alex.wuest@tiseagles.com.

Our Facebook page is Tianjin International School Alumni.

PowerSchool Information System

PowerSchool is the most widely used web-based student information system, supporting 10 million students in all 50 states and over 65 countries. Benefits for parents and students include:  real-time grades, attendance, comments, assignments, scores and much more…right from the teacher’s gradebook directly to students and parents.  For teachers, PowerTeacher is a revolutionary, web-based classroom management system designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s educator.

Login for Parents and Students

Login for Teachers

Welcome to the Health Clinic!  It is located on the first floor in room B175 (in the same hallway as the gym locker rooms).  A trained professional is on duty daily between 8am and 5pm to serve all students and staff.  Parents are welcome to visit the clinic if they have questions or contact us by email: nurse@tiseagles.com  We are happy to serve you!


Christine Gilbert

Christine Gilbert is a Registered Nurse from Delaware, USA.  She has worked as a Pediatric Nurse and volunteered to assist and substitute for nurses in elementary and middle schools. She and her husband, Greg have three children.


Luke Jeon

Luke Jeon is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor from South Korea. Prior to coming to TIS, he worked as a doctor in Tianjin and as a school nurse in the Philippines.  He has lived in China for many years and speaks Chinese, English and Korean. He and his wife have a son that attends TIS.

Air Quality Information and TIS Policy

One of the health concerns of living in Tianjin (China) is the air quality. Air quality can become unhealthy due to pollutants such as ground-level ozone and particle pollution. Ozone is especially damaging to the lungs of children and those who work and play outside and is mainly a problem during hot summers. Particle pollution – especially fine particles such as those found in smoke, haze or dust – contains microscopic solids or liquid droplets that are so small that they can get deep into the lungs and cause serious health problems. Particle pollution is the main concern in China.
http://www.cnemc.cn/ (website only in Chinese)

The TIS Air Quality Policy is developed to decide the implications of the actual air quality on outdoor activities for students. The school nurses check the Air Quality Index (AQI) online every morning at 8 am. Using the TIS Air Quality Implication Chart the school nurse decides which color code the actual AQI has and what the implications are. From AQI 150 (color code red) and higher the divisional secretaries will be informed about the implications. The school nurse will check again at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.

If students are known with asthma problems, the school nurse will communicate with the parents to decide if they can follow the TIS policy or need to have stricter implications. A list of those students who might need special attention will be distributed to the teachers.

There are several websites and apps for checking the air quality, but make sure to check how reliable they are. It is important to look at data for Tianjin and if possible for the area you live in. These are two websites we recommend: (link from the website of China National Environmental Monitor Center-used at TIS for AQI data for Tianjin/Meijiang area)
http://aqicn.org/city/tianjin/ (below in screen is a link to a map which you can zoom to the different areas in Tianjin-Zhujiangdao is closest to TIS)

Download TIS Air Quality Implications Chart Here

Health Clinic Services

Student Care
  • Assessment of students who feel sick or need first aid
  • Record keeping of student’s health, physical exams, immunizations
  • Oversee communicable diseases
  • On duty for all secondary games and tournaments


  • Teaching health topics in the classrooms as teachers request
  • Assist with Annual Health Fair for Early Childhood Center and Elementary School
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle
  • Research about diseases and health related policies


  • Vision screening for all Early Childhood Center and Elementary students; hearing screening upon request
  • Vision screening for 7th grade students, or upon request

First Aid Kits

  • For classrooms, field trips, school trips and sports

Staff Services

  • Resource for health related subjects
  • Assessment and regular check of blood pressure, etc.
  • First Aid and CPR training

Medication At School

If your child needs medication during school days, either every day or temporary, please download the Medicine Permission Form, fill it out, and give it with the medicine to your child, so your child’s teacher can give it to the nurse and she will administer the medicine at the time requested.

Is your Child Sick?

Sometimes it is hard to know if your child is well enough to attend school or not. Our clinic has provided the booklet Sick Child Brochure to help parents decide if they should send their child to school or keep them at home.

Health Policies as Per Student Handbook

Medical attention is the responsibility of the parent. Students should not be sent to school if they have bad colds, fever (at or above 100F/37.7C), nausea, or have vomited in the past 24 hours. Germs spread quickly in a classroom of children. Keeping a sick child at home shows care for other school families and helps keep the school a much healthier place for your child.

Students who are ill will be sent home after parents or emergency contacts have been notified. If a student has been sent home, he/she may not return to school that day. Students who have a fever or emesis (throw up) will automatically be sent home. Colds (upper respiratory infections) are the most commonly occurring childhood illness and accounts for most school absences. They are directly transmitted from large or small particle droplets (such as cough or sneeze) or indirectly from contaminated secretions on hands or objects. They can last up to 10 days and your child may or may not have a fever.

More Health Policies

Your child will be sent home from school for any of the following reasons: Purulent (containing pus) or discolored nasal discharge; temperature of 100F(37.7C) or above; if the student is too ill or uncomfortable to adequately function in a classroom setting. Your child may return to school when they have been temperature-free for 24 hours, nasal drainage is clear, and they therefore cease to be a threat to the well-being of others. The symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can be caused by many different viruses, bacteria, or even parasites. If your child has been nauseated or vomited in the past 24 hours, please keep your child at home. This will help protect other students.

Students who are absent for more than three days in a quarter must bring a doctor’s excuse to school; otherwise, the absence will be considered unexcused. If a child is recovering from an illness or injury and is required to stay indoors during recess or physical education, a written note from home must be sent with the child to the child’s teacher. Students who are unable to attend school due to illness will not be permitted to take part in athletic activities falling on that day. Students must arrive at school prior to 11:15 a.m. in order to be eligible for participation on any particular day. Parents should notify the office by 9:15 a.m. on the day in which a student is absent. The reason for the absence should also be given at this time.

Online Annual Update in Powerschool

Every year in May, as part of the re-enrollment process parents will fill out an online Annual Update form in PowerSchool. If there are any updates in your child’s health of immunization status, please give the updated information to the TIS nurse.  nurse@tiseagles.com

Medical Report For New Students and Students Entering Grades 5 and 9

All new students and students entering 5th grade and 9th grade need to submit a complete Medical Report to Admissions office or the Health Clinic. New students need to submit this before starting school and students entering grade 5 and 9 before the end of August. This report includes:

  • Part 1 to be completed by parents (immunization records, health questionnaire, consent to medicate and emergency contact information)
  • Part 2 – to be completed by a medical physician (a physical examination done by a licensed doctor, not older than 6 months)
  • Please click find the package of forms for Parts 1 and 2 here: Student Medical Report Forms

If a student receives immunizations during the school year, please inform the school nurses by sending a copy of the record with the student.

More Health Resources

A good resource for health issues while living in China is www.myhealthbeijing.com

For general information about children’s health we recommend www.kidshealth.org

For general information about diseases etc. we recommend www.mayoclinic.com

Getting Around

Depending on where you are coming from, getting around Tianjin can be a fun adventure or a logistical challenge!  Here is some basic information to get you started.

City Card

Public transport is made easy by using the City Card (cheng2 shi4 ka3  城市卡).  Instead of having cash in your pocket, you can purchase a City Card. Not only does this card make for a convenient way to travel you will also receive a 10% discount on subway fares and 5% discount on bus fares.  The cards can be purchased at a Metro station or major bus stops.  You may add money at those same locations.


Taking a taxi in Tianjin is very easy and convenient.  With about 35,000 taxis and over 28 different taxi companies, the present number of taxis in Tianjin is enough to meet the increasing demand.   There are a number ‘black taxis’ in the city, that is taxis that are not legally licensed to carry passengers for payment.   It is advisable to not use illegal taxis.  All legally registered taxis have the letter E after the Chinese character on their number plate.  If it doubt, check it out.

Taxi Fares

  • RMB 9 just for getting in and for 3km
  • RMB 1.7 for each additional km
  • No tipping
  •  Over 10 kilometers, 50% of the total fare added as surcharge for return trip
  • 1km charged for each 5 minutes stopped in traffic


Buses are still the most commonly used form of public transport in Tianjin, with hundreds of buses going to locations throughout the city everyday.  Furthermore there is a rare need to change buses, as lines seem to go in every direction from where you are.  Prices are cheap, varying from 2 RMB to 4 RMB for most routes, with an added 1 RMB for special air-conditioned buses, which are identifiable by the Chinese character 空 next to the bus number.  However many expats put off using the bus as it tends to be not so foreigner-friendly.  Most bus stops only have information in Chinese, but if you ask around you will be able to master this cheap and convenient mode of transport and impress your local friends!

Public transport forces you to pay more attention to your surroundings, thereby enabling you to get to know the city better.  Public transport is not as of a much hassle as many expats may think.  There are buses and trains at multiple times during an hour, taking you to a vast range of places.   Most major shopping malls and grocery stores provided regular buses to most residential areas.

For those who can read Chinese, you can search for bus routes on this Chinese website:  http://map.baidu.com/

For those who can’t read Chinese, google maps can be a useful tool.  Plug in the pinyin (Romanized) name for your destination and it will supply you with bus routes.  Unfortunately sometimes it isn’t so up-to-date so best to try the route before relying on it for getting you to an important meeting on time.

Subway Trains

For venturing from the north-west to the south-east, the metro is by far the easiest method of public transport in Tianjin.

For an English route map, visit: www.johomaps.com/as/china/tianjin/tianjinmetro.html

Subway Fares

The Tianjin Subway uses magnetic smartcards.  The fare is distance-based and ranges between 2RMB to 5RMB.  One-way tickets are available from automatic ticket machines in the station. The tickets are only effective on the day of purchase.

Medical Care

It is recommend that you become familiar with your medical assistance provider and how to contact them, especially in the event of an emergency. Become familiar with hospitals and clinics and keep emergency numbers on hand. Teach children, spouses, and domestic workers such as ayis and drivers how to call your medical assistant provider and local ambulance service.

Tianjin has two western standard health facilities:

Tianjin International SOS Clinic
1F Sheraton Hotel Apartment Building, Zi Jin Shan Road, He Xi District
Tianjin, China 300074 China
Telephone: 2352 0143 (International SOS does have a clinic in TEDA as well)

AT SOS Clinic, consultations are done by experienced English speaking, Western or Chinese doctors. The nursing staff all speak English. This clinic is not a hospital and procedures, such as X-rays will be done at a local hospital with the aid or a nurse. This clinic works with memberships only. In an emergency/urgent need they will help you one time, but you will need to pay a membership fee if you want to come back.

Tianjin United Family Hospital (TUFH)
No. 22 Tianxiaoyuan, Tanjiang Road, Hexi District
Tianjin, China 300221

Telephone: 5856 8500

This hospital aims to be a fully equipped hospital. Pediatrician, General Practitioners, OB/Gyno , Dental care is available as well as emergency care during day time. There is a 24 hour phone service with children’s emergencies. All staff speak reasonable English. The medical staff is Chinese but they are trained overseas. Specialists such as Dermatologist, ENT, physical/occupational therapist, visit the hospital alternate weeks. They are equipped with surgical facilities and Obstetrician rooms One can obtain a membership fee for a small amount (or free corporate memberships if you are with a company), which gives you 10- 20% discount on most of their services (they charge high western prices).

Local Hospital Options
There are several Chinese hospitals that have high standard care, but language and the procedure to work through the system can be challenging. If you can take along someone who can translate and help you find your way, it will be a much cheaper option. You need to be prepared with your questions and have an idea of what you want, or have someone who you can consult about it, so you can decide if you agree to certain treatment or not.


Whether you love or hate shopping, it is something we all have to do, no matter where we live.  Tianjin, like other developed cities in China offers top brand names for accessories, clothes and gadgets.  The city also offers antiques, traditional hand-woven carpets and clay figurines that are famous the world over.

Modern western style complexes like Isetan, Joy City and The Galaxy Mall are as up-to-date with fashion and choices as you will find in any big city in China as well as cities around the world.  These multi leveled mega malls can occupy many hours as they are filled with a large range of stores from international brand name clothing to home decorating as well as restaurants and ice-cream parlors.   Toys-R-Us recently opened here in Tianjin and children’s clothing stores provide top brand names while local markets provide options for the more budget conscious.

A popular shopping place is Gu Wenhua Jie (Ancient Culture Street) or Jinmen Guli.  The entire street is filled with shops selling antiques, jade, traditional handicrafts, kites etc.  This traditional shopping street is a cultural experience even if you are just browsing as both sides of the street imitate Qing dynasty architecture.

Binjiang Dao is one of the busiest shopping streets of Tianjin while Heping Business Street is a blend of both western and eastern shopping experiences.  Here you will find leading western stores as well as few famous Chinese brand stores.

Shopping is big business in Tianjin and due to increased shoppers in the late afternoon and evening department stores and malls often open late and close late.  You can expect many shops to stay open until 22:00, Monday through Sunday, although some do close earlier so ensure you check before planning a late night shopping trip!

Supermarkets like Wal-Mart, E- Mart and D-Mart will provide you with much of your grocery basics.  But Tianjin is still growing in the area of foreign products so if you have special food items from your home country that you don’t want to do without plan to bring some along with you.  For the more adventurous local ‘wet markets’ provide fresh fruit, vegetables and meat at cheap prices.  Get there early in the morning for the best picks.   Ask around your neighbors for the closest market as you won’t find it listed anywhere.

Huge markets are dotted around the city selling anything and everything you can imagine.  Fabric markets, curtain markets, computer markets, flower markets, pet markets, fish markets and furniture markets will again consume or time and money!  Pick up a copy of E-Smarts Tianjin Expat Guidebook to help you locate what you are looking for, and how to get there.

While you may not find everything in Tianjin that you have at ‘home’, there is certainly plenty of options and something for everyone in the family.

Helpful links:




Expatriate families moving to Tianjin can rest assured that the city has plenty of housing options to suit all budgets, tastes, and requirements – from large villa-style houses in the suburbs, to stylish and modern apartments in the city. Furthermore, local landlords and developers increasingly understand western preferences in terms of style, taste and quality of homes. Rentals for expatriate homes in Tianjin vary considerably and expatriate housing compounds are often self-contained communities with on-site facilities, and a management office that can assist with housing queries and problems. All this makes for very convenient living.  Be sure to find out about the management of the area by talking to other expats in the area if possible.  Just because the rent is more expensive on a property, does not automatically mean the quality of the property or the management is of a high standard.

Here are some of the residential areas where our school buses pick up students:

  • Yangguang 100 阳光100
  • BanDaoHaoTing半岛豪庭
  • ShiDaiAoCheng 时代奥城
  • Olympic Apartment 奥林匹克村
  • Sheraton Hotel 喜来登
  • Haiyichangzhou  海逸长洲
  • Shuixie Garden 水榭花园
  • Green Park Villa  格林园
  • Wan Tong Guo Ji 万通国际

TIS buses stop at many other places around the city.  Please contact us for more information.

For further assistance and advice on finding your ideal home please visit www.esmart.com.cn


Tianjin has a very famous food culture. There are not only Tianjin cuisines appealing to refined taste, but also many unique snacks. It is a must for every newcomer taste and explore!

The cuisine includes the best of sea and land. Dishes are generally served on large serving platters for all at the table to enjoy. They are characterized by salty and strong flavors and for those who like it hot you will certainly find something to suit your palate. For those who prefer something from home, Tianjin offers an array of restaurants from around the world including well-known fast food chains.

Visit http://www.chinatouronline.com/china-travel/tianjin/tianjin-food/tianjin-restaurants.html for more information.


Tianjin city offers plenty of modern entertainment centers that will provide you with familiar and some new recreational experiences.  Sports such as golfing, swimming, indoor ice-skating, boating and soccer are just a few of the popular activities in Tianjin.

Famous as a historical city, Tianjin has many scenic and historical sites, including the Dule Temple in Ji County, The Great Wall at the Huangya Pass, the Panshan scenery area.  Tianjin is known as a ‘Building Museum’ due to its occupation by the nine imperial powers before the founding of the new China which left behind many buildings with extraordinary and exotic architectural styles.  A walk around the old concession districts gives a glimpse into a world now past.  Stop at one of the many cozy cafes, hire a 4-wheeled bike or even a horse and carriage to enhance your old-era experience.

Tianjin, with its colorful history is endowed with deep cultural links, which have inspired some famous recreational art forms, Kuaiban being the most famous.  Usually Tianjin Kuaiban is performed in the Tianjin dialect.  The performer (or performers) follows the rhythm coming from two thin bamboo boards on his hand. These traditional art forms are performed in various theaters in Tianjin.

Whether you are looking for a good work out, some sightseeing, or a simple stroll in a scenic park, Tianjin has much to offer.  Make sure you pick up a copy of the latest JIN magazine, JIN guide book, Tianjin Expat Guidebook, a Tianjin Official Tourist Map and/or a Tianjin Expat Guidebook Pocket Pad.  These will provide you with ideas and/or addresses in both English and Chinese to assist your taxi driver.  The most important thing about getting out and about in Tianjin, is have fun!  Enjoy every aspect of the adventure, both the planned and the unexpected!

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Places of Worship

The official Chinese Three-Self Church is open to both local Chinese and foreigners and many conduct services in English. There are also several Christian church services, which, in accordance with Chinese Law, are only open to foreign passport holders. If you choose to attend one of these meetings, please take your passport and be prepared to show it at the door.

Tianjin International Christian Fellowship (For Foreign Passport Holders Only)
Add: 5th Floor, King Hall Hotel
No. 22, Mid Huanhu Road
Hexi, Tianjin
Email: enquiry@tjif.com
Website: http://tjif.com/

TEDA International Hotel (For Foreign Passport Holders Only)
Add: 2nd Avenue, No. 8, TEDA, Tianjin
Building A, Report Hall
Email: enquiry@tedafellowship.com
Website: http://tjif.com/

Xikai Catholic Church
Add: No.9 Xining Road
Heping, Tianjin
Tel: 27811929

Shanxi Road Protestant Church
Add: No 62 Shanxi Road
Heping, Tianjin
Tel: 27302758

Tianjin has been called China’s largest village.  With a population of 12 million (according to the 2010 census) the people of Tianjin have managed to keep the friendliness of a small village while offering the excitement of big city life. Transition is normal and predictable.  People of all cultures have similar experiences and our behaviors and responses are similar as well.  How we define, make sense of, and integrate our experiences, determines the success of our transition. It may be difficult to imagine it now, but we can actually thrive through transition and emerge as stronger and more resilient people! In addition to the New Parent Luncheon where new families network with each other, TIS has a wonderfully active and enthusiastic Parents Association Committee (PAC) we encourage you to connect with.  You will find that TIS is an integral part of a larger Tianjin community.  Our staff and families are involved with many community groups and we will be happy to connect you with people or groups of similar interest.  For example, the Tianjin International Community Center (TICC) is a fantastic way to network with other expat women. TICC arranges monthly coffee mornings, luncheons, social and fund raising events, which support various charities.   We welcome you to Tianjin and trust you will come to appreciate this city.

Online Suggestion Form

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions for the school,  please use our online suggestion form or write it down and pop it in our Suggestion Box located in the school lobby.  Any of our 4 main language groups may be used, we will arrange translation.  We would like to reply/respond to you so please leave your contact details.

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