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Daniel Bao

Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications

Joining Our TIS Community

New Students

The school considers the following as essential for admission:

  1. As per Chinese law, we cannot admit children if Chinese citizens living in China unless one of the following conditions are met;

    • Where at least one parent holds a foreign passport and is legally working,visiting or studying in Tianjin (tourist visas are excluded).
    • Where the parents and the child all hold foreign passports, and the child lives in Tianjin with a legal guardian.
    • Where the parents have either a Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan residency permit and hold a Mainland Travel Permit (Hong Kong/Macau residents) or Return Permit (Taiwan residents). The parents should
      also have the required border control stamps as well as work and live in Tianjin.
    • Where at least one parent has a residency permit and proof that they have lived in the country of permanent residency for at least 2 years. The child will also be living with at least one parent or a legal guardian in Tianjin.
  2. Demonstrate age-appropriate adequacy in the English language and educational skills as determined by an interview, examination, and/or educational records.
  3. A medical report must be completed as well as the submission of your child's most recent immunization record.
  4. All required forms and paperwork must be completed and submitted. Note: All documents must be in or translated into English.
  5. An Enrollment Deposit payment is required to reserve your child's space.
Returning Students
  1. Complete online re-enrollment.
  2. Medical examination signed by a doctor for students entering 1st, 6th and 9th grade.
  3. Pay all re-enrollment fees by the date specified on the re-enrollment page.
Waiting Lists

Enrollment is based on a first-come basis, but in the event of close submissions, priority is given to:

  1. Children of LDi staff and associates
  2. Eligible siblings of students already attending
  3. Students currently attending other iSC schools
  4. Students with higher levels of English abilities

If a student has passed the necessary admission requirements, but there is no space available, he/she may be placed in a waiting pool. Students will be added to this pool according to the enrollment priority listed below. This waiting pool is dissolved at the end of the school year and parents need to re-apply if they wish to be considered for enrollment for the following school year. We encourage parents to look for other educational options while their child is in the waiting pool.


The school does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnic origin or gender in its admissions or in any school programs.

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