Teamwork, persistence, and determination.

At TIS, we believe that when a student-athlete participates in athletics, the character of each student-athlete will be affected as they learn life-long lessons throughout their seasons. The soccer field, basketball court, and volleyball court are extensions of the traditional classroom, and the experiences that student-athletes have in these areas offer a richness to their individual education. It is most important to us to help our student-athletes mature as young men and women of character as we compete with our teammates and against others through sport.

Throughout the academic year, TIS Athletics is divided into three main seasons. Both MS and HS students will have the opportunity throughout the year to compete on volleyball, soccer, and basketball teams. Besides the three seasons of team sports, students will have the opportunity to participate in various individual sports. TIS teams compete in three different athletic leagues, including; ISCOT, an athletic league with international schools in Tianjin, ISAC, an athletic league with 17 other international schools located in Tianjin and Beijing, and our very own iSC, an athletic league made up of the 5 other International Schools Consortium schools in China.

Many TIS students find that through participating on TIS sports teams, they find a solid peer group within which they can belong, and be known by others. We look forward to the continued growth of both our individual student-athletes and the collective teams as we compete in many athletic competitions this year.

Chad Heimer

TIS Athletic Director


HS Volleyball / MS Soccer

Athletics Schedule


HS Basketball / MS Volleyball

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HS Soccer / MS Basketball

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TIS has a fantastic athletics program that grows our students in the knowledge of the sport and teaches them how to compete at their highest levels. TIS offers middle school and high school basketball, volleyball and soccer to all qualifying students. Our elementary students participate in friendly exchanges including: soccer, cross-country, badminton, chess, and ping pong. Our well-guided sports programs provide opportunities for young men and women to gain important life skills by teaching them the value of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, hard work and the importance of physical activity to support a healthy lifestyle. Parent support and participation is always welcomed as a vital part of student development.

TIS is a member of three athletic conferences including: ISAC (International Schools Athletics Conference), ISCOT (International Schools Conference of Tianjin) and iSC (International Schools of China). The ISAC league provides regular games and tournaments between 3 international schools in Tianjin and 11 international schools in Beijing. The ISCOT league provides both individual and team competitions for elementary, middle school, and high school student athletes within Tianjin.

Other Athletic Opportunities

Elementary Sports Clubs

Basketball, climbing, and judo are available for students to engage in after school. They will be taught fundamental skills by qualified instructors and experience the enjoyment of participating in sports.

iSC Tournaments

High School Volleyball in Wuxi
Middle School Soccer in Yantai
High School Basketball in Tianjin
Middle School Basketball in Chengdu
High School Soccer in Wuhan