Response and Resources

TIS is committed to ensuring measures are in place to limit the immediate risk of COVID-19 and maintaining the ongoing management of our campus safety.

Please read through this page to learn about what we're doing at TIS to keep your children safe and healthy. There are also resources for parents to learn how to join TIS in our pandemic protocols. Please do not hesitate to email ( or call (+86 (22) 8371-0900 x 311) if you have any questions or concerns about our response and policies.

We are in this together!

Hygeine and Disenfection Measures

TIS is maintaining strict hygiene and disinfection procedures to prevent the virus from being brought into the school. We have arranged disinfection and sanitation measures as recommended by local government regulations.


The school facilities are regularly being cleaned and disinfected using a combination of disinfection solutions by the school cleaning staff.


Designated bins have been placed within the school for students and staff to safely dispose of any masks or gloves.


There is ongoing purchasing of resources such as medical masks and gloves, hand sanitizer dispensers, alcohol-based wipes, disinfectants & sprayers to ensure a high level of sanitation throughout the school.


Safety Protocol on Campus

Health and Temperature Check

Staff and students are required to have their temperature checked as they enter the school and must truthfully answer how they feel and if they have taken any medicine.

If a student is on campus and has a temperature at or above 37.3 degrees Celsius, please click here for our detailed response plan.

Visitors and Parents on Campus

Visitors and parents will only be permitted if they have a scheduled meeting on campus or for pick-up/drop-off. They must show their Health Code, have their temperature checked and wait for the TIS staff member to meet them at the main gate before entering the campus. A mask will also be needed to be worn at all times.

Pick-up and Drop-off of Students

All passengers in private cars will have their temperature taken, before being allowed through the school gates. Only the student can exit the vehicle when on campus and staff will be available to assist students to their classrooms.

Parents may enter the school campus during the afternoon dismissal times. Parents may park their vehicles in the parking lot near the south gate and wait in the ECC or main lobby. Please stay in the designated areas only. Parents may not go into the hallways or near the classroom.

ECC & Elementary
Pick up time is from 3:00 - 3:20 only. Once your child is dismissed, please leave the campus immediately before buses depart at 3:30.
*ECC Parents may pick up their children in the ECC lobby.

Pick up time is from 3:00 - 3:25 only. Once your child is dismissed, please leave the campus immediately before buses depart at 3:30.

What to do if your health code is not green?

If your health code is not green, please don’t have your child/ren come to school.

  1. Inform the school and the community management where you live.
  2. Arrange for you and your family members to get the COVID test and await for the results.
  3. Only when your health code returns to a green status will your child/ren be allowed back on campus. Evidence of a green health code will need to be sent through to the Admissions office.

Parent Checklist


Prepare masks for your child when traveling to and from school, as well as when they are at school.

Remind your child to wash their hands regularly.

Remind your child to use the hand sanitizers to ensure hand hygiene if they are unable to wash their hands with running water and liquid soap.

Remind your child not to touch their face.

Remind your child to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue or arm when coughing and sneezing.

Remind your child to avoid unnecessary close contact, and develop a healthy habit of maintaining a distance of more than 1 meter from others.

View our Full Virus and Safety Control Report