Eagle's Nest 1-11-19

General Announcements

CHINA DAY - Friday, 18thJanuary

Historical Focus: Song Dynasty

We would like to extend an invitation to our TIS parents to attend this year’s China Day on Friday, 18th January. Both ECC and 1st Grade parents are to arrive at TIS by 9:30 am, with all other parents on campus by 10:30 am. Transportation will be provided. As is customary on China Day, everyone wears either traditional Chinese clothes or something red. A complimentary lunch will be served in the Cafeteria at different times to accommodate all our students and parents.

All Cultural Activities will be held in the gym beginning with ECC at 10am, followed by the Elementary students at 11am, and ending with the Secondary students at 1pm. Cultural Activities tickets may be purchased from Trancy Li in the Administration Office before next Friday. You may also buy tickets on China Day at the Ticket Booth which will be located outside the gym’s entrance.

During the course of the Day there will be three Cultural Programmes in the Auditorium; one for each respective school with performances which place emphasis on the Song Dynasty as well as our host country in general. All performances by the TIS students are reflective of what they are learning in the Chinese classroom. ECC has their Programme beginning at Noon, followed by the Elementary Programme at 1pm with the Secondary Programme at 2pm, and ending at 3:10pm. All busses will leave at 3:30pm. There will be no additional student bussing on China Day.

Additional information with regards to China Day’s schedule, transportation, layouts of both the gym and Cafeteria, as well as the three Cultural Programmes will be coming soon!

China Day

China Day

China Day

China Day

TIS ROBOTIC TOURNAMENT ~ Saturday, 16th February

TIS will be host to a VEX Robotic tournament with participating robots from several schools throughout China.

Weekly AQI / PM2.5 Readings

Outside Average Reading = 183 / 119
Inside Average Reading = 78 / 25


Dates to Remember

Important Dates
Jan. 12 ISAC HS Basketball Tournament
Jan. 14- 15 HS MAP Testing
Jan.16 Half-day PD (11:30 dismissal)
Jan.17 - 18 MS MAP Testing
Jan.18 ISC Science Fair
Jan.18 China Day
Jan.19 ISAC MS Volleyball Tournament
Jan.19 MS Table Tennis at Wellington
Jan.19 Grades 3-5 Chess at Wellington