Eagle's Nest Week of 4-5-21

Week of 4-5-21


School Wide News and Announcements

Principals' Coffee Bus Schedule

Apr. 11

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Get ready for our Spring Play - Take Five by Westley M. Pederson

April 10

Stay up to date with what is happening at TIS - April to June Calendar

April 1

Lost and Found

April 1

If you spot your child's item, please ask them to collect it from the temporary cafeteria display. To help us reunite your child with their belongings when they are lost, please label their items with their name and grade.

Principals' Coffee

Mar. 28

Spring Holiday

Mar. 28

All students will have a spring holiday from April 2nd - 5th.

iSC Conference

Mar. 28

Teachers will be participating in professional development through the iSC Education Conference. There will be no school for students on April 6th. We will see everyone back at school on April 7th!

Student Video Gaming Survey Participation

Mar. 14

As you all know, video gaming is a prevalent activity amongst our students that can sometimes reveal concerns about time management and/or healthy boundaries and balance between work and recreation.

iSC schools have been invited to participate in a survey that explores issues related to video gaming for those who want to maintain good and healthy balance in this area of life. Here is the link to the survey - https://oregoncpg.org/gaming-survey/.

The survey is open to any and all ages, and could be filled out by students, teachers, and parents. We encourage you to participate in this survey as it will help bring awareness to this growing issue.

iSC Passport launch

Mar. 6

Our visitor monitoring system, iSC Passport, will launch on Monday, March 8. Parents who requested for a parent permanent badge, please check your child's bag as these were distributed on Friday. If you have more than one child, the badge was given to your youngest child.

Please make sure you activate your badge before Monday to avoid any delays. If you have any questions, please contact the admissions office.

The Eagle's Eye

Feb. 22

Grab a coffee and have a read of the latest edition of the Eagle's Eye!

Click Here to Read The Eagle's Eye

Divisional News


ECC Outdoor Classroom

Mar. 28

Spring is here and we will start planting in our ECC garden right after our Spring Holiday. Please remember to dress your child appropriately for playing out with water, sand, and dirt. Students are highly engaged and actively learning!

ECC Assessment Days

Mar. 28

Teachers will spend the next few weeks assessing students’ growth and learning during 3rd quarter.

ECC Spirit Days

updated Mar. 28

ECC students participated in Book Character Day last Friday. Please see the class Photo Stream for pictures! The next Spirit Day is Crazy Hair Day on April 30th. Have fun with your hair by adding decorations, colors, and designs.

Principal’s Coffee

Mar. 28

We will have a Principal’s Coffee on Wednesday, April 14th. We look forward to seeing you there!


Fine Arts Celebration

Mar. 28

Thank you for coming out to the Fine Arts Celebration last Friday. Our students performed beautifully! We are so proud of our talented TIS students.

Elementary Clubs

Mar. 28

Elementary students are enjoying their extracurricular activities through participating in different clubs. Please ask your child what they are learning in school and through clubs!

Elementary Spirit Days

Mar. 28

Elementary students participated in Book Character Day last Friday. Please see the class Photo Stream for pictures! The next Spirit Day is Crazy Hair Day on April 30th. Have fun with your hair by adding decorations, colors, and designs.

Principal’s Coffee

Mar. 28

We will have a Principal’s Coffee on Wednesday, April 14th. We look forward to seeing you there!

March Into Madness Reading - Celebrating the World of Folklore, Folktales and Fairy Tales.

Feb. 27

Our library is hosting a March Into Madness Reading during student library times. This year, we are focusing on literary genres. March in the library will be informative and fun! Talk with your child about their March library activities and encourage them to read more books!


End of Quarter 3

Apr. 10

April 9th marked the end of quarter 3. Grades will be published at the end of next week and quarter 4 starts Monday!

Student Led Conferences (SLC’s)

Apr. 10

Friday, April 16 there will be no classes, instead students will have conferences on this day. Parents, on April 7th you received an email explaining SLC’s, how they are different from traditional conferences and why they are beneficial to student development. Students are preparing diligently for this learning opportunity. If there is a need to reschedule (check the form delivered home on April 8th showing the scheduled meeting time)

Spring Play

Apr. 10

The Spring Play is scheduled for April 23 and 24th. It will be an excellent show, make sure to get your tickets early!

April 16th Student Led Conferences

Mar. 28

Parents, please be looking for an email next week explaining the upcoming Student Led Conferences on April 16th. Students will be leading this meeting with their parent and teacher to discuss their successes, goals, and areas of future growth.

Third quarter ends on April 9th. Please help teachers encourage students to tie-up any loose ends before the term concludes.

Lunch Balances

Mar. 28

Parents are encouraged to check PowerSchool for student lunch card balances. We ask that students keep a positive balance on their lunch card.



Apr. 10

Students enjoyed the last soccer game on the TIS campus for the season followed by a BBQ last night. It was a good time for students to enjoy fellowship and cheer on the soccer players.

Student Conferences

Apr. 10

April 16 there will be no class meetings as students and parents are invited to meet with teachers for student conferences. If you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact that teacher directly, contact the TIS Admissions office or the secondary school at secondary-secretary@tiseagles.com.

Spring Play:

Apr. 10

The Spring Play is scheduled for April 23 and 24th. It will be an excellent show, make sure to get your tickets early!

May 3 - No School

Apr. 10

May 3 is a national holiday, there are no classes but it is the first day of AP testing. Note that students scheduled for a test on that day will still visit school for their exam, but not for classes. No meals will be available on that day.

2021 Tianjin International School Science Fair

Apr. 1

The 2021 TIS Science Fair season has begun! This year’s Science Fair will be held on the morning of Friday Nov. 26th. Consistently those teams which have placed in the top 3 for the TIS Science Fair have started researching and planning for their projects before the summer break so interested students should contact Mr. Lundy at this email address: john.lundy@tiseagles.com as soon as possible.

Students who contact Mr. Lundy will be added to the new TIS Canvas Science Fair page which has the instructions for registration (open now, closes August 31st after this no new projects will be accepted), important forms and rules, some information about past projects and resources for finding science fair ideas!

Two important things to keep in mind:
1: Projects must be ORIGINAL.
2: Teams may not be larger than 3 students


Apr. 1

On March 26, TIS hosted an online VEX Robotics Skills Challenge tournament. Besides TIS, there were three other schools who entered robots in the competition: our sister schools in Yantai and Wuhan, as well as the American International School of Guangzhou. The students had their robots compete in a one minute autonomous (self-driving) skills challenge where they needed to use exceptional coding skills to gain points. They also had a one minute driving challenge to gain more points. Congratulations goes to TIS’s teams 82X and 82M who earned spots in the VEX Robotics World’s Tournament that will take place in May in Hainan, China. We are proud of how hard all of the students worked, and of the exceptional sportsmanship displayed throughout the competition.

High School Robotics

Mar. 28

High school robotics students participated in a robotics skills challenge on Friday. Please congratulate them for all their hard work! One of our teams won first place!


Mar. 28

High school students will be participating in a Lock-In event on Thursday, April 1st. The event will end the following morning, at 6 a.m. We hope that this event will help build strong and positive relationships among our student body. The students and staff are looking forward to this event!

Lunch Balances

Mar. 28

Parents are encouraged to check PowerSchool for student lunch card balances. We ask that students keep a positive balance on their lunch card.

College and Career


Apr. 1

All students in grade 10 will take the PSAT-10 exam on Tuesday, April 13. Parents, please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before and eats a good breakfast the morning of. Students do not need to study for this exam. It will be good to get a baseline score and find the areas they really need to improve before they take the PSAT and SAT in future years

Upcoming Webinars available

Mar. 14

See this website for details:

1 College Search 101: How to Research and Shortlist Universities

2 Building your Application for US Universities

3 Tips for Writing Your College Application Essay

4 Financing Your Studies: Scholarships & Financial Aid

5 Admissions Case Study

PSAT for 10th graders

Mar. 14

On TUESDAY, APRIL 13, the PSAT 10 will be administered at school. All 10th grade students are required to take the exam. You child will bring home a student guide today.


Mar. 5

I have exciting information to share with your students about Boston University’s Summer Challenge pre-college program. In Summer Challenge, students entering their 10th, 11th, or 12thgrades study two rigorous subjects selected from more than twenty options, while gaining exposure to college life and meeting peers from around the world.

Summer Challenge students explore their interests and discover new ones, testing their academic boundaries as they immerse themselves in the college experience. Along the way, they make new friends and get to know more about Boston University.

In summer 2021, all BU pre-college programs will be offered entirely via remote learning—students from any country can attend without needing to travel to the United States.
We welcome international students, and to accommodate participants from a variety of time zones in our synchronous programming we are offering a special session of Summer Challenge for summer 2021.

The Summer Challenge 2a: Evening session meets from 5 to 10 pm EDT (local Boston time), which reflects a more accessible block of time for many international students.
To learn more about this special offering for international students, including what seminars we offer and how to apply, please visit bu.edu/summer/high-school-programs/summer-challenge.

You are welcome to contact us via email at summerhs@bu.edu with any questions about our programs.

From the Harvard Crimson Global Programming (see https://www.business.thecrimson.com/global-programs for more information)


iSC Basketball Tournament - Chengdu

Apr. 10

Next week MS basketball will be traveling to Chengdu for the iSC Basketball Tournament. Teams leave Thursday at 8:30 a.m. from TIS for the airport. Parents and players will receive a final email with flight details. Also, stay posted to WeChat for team travel updates.

MS Basketball - passports/ID cards for players who are traveling need to be turned in on TUESDAY to Mr. Heimer. Mr. Heimer will see students off the bus in the morning to collect passports. Reminder, if you had your passport updated recently, you also need to bring the old passport that contains the entry stamp on the visa page.

Traveling teams - make sure your child has the green code for the destination city. MS Basketball - Chengdu. HS Soccer - Wuhan. See previous emails with details.

ISCOT HS Soccer Tournament

Apr. 10

Monday, April 19 is the ISCOT Tianjin HS soccer tournament. This tournament is all afternoon at Wellington school. Players will miss half school day.

iSC tournaments

Mar. 28

Planning is under way for iSC sports trips, both for MS Basketball @ Chengdu and HS Soccer @ Wuhan.

Please be timely with permission forms for iSC sport trips.
Please make sure you are in your child’s wechat group for the team. This is where announcements are made and travel information is shared.

Health Apps: Information has been shared with parents and players regarding how to get a green code health app for Chengdu/Wuhan. Your child needs to have their health app for Chengdu/Wuhan working and show their coach by Wednesday this week.

Team WeChat groups

updated Mar. 14

Parents of season 3 athletes should have received an email this past week with information and the team wechat group QR. Please make sure to join the WeChat group.

Powerschool Information

Mar. 5

The athletics department uses the information in Powerschool for contact information. Please ensure that passports, emails, and phone numbers are up to date in powerschool. If not, contact the admissions office with updates.

Health Office

Your child's nutrition

Mar. 14

During this period of seasonal change, nutrition is one of the important steps to keep your immune system healthy.

National Nutrition Month is an annual campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that takes place during the month of March every year.

This year's theme is "Personalize Your Plate." There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health. It may be more difficult right now to know if children are getting the proper nutrition because of a variety of factors such as skipping meals.

As parents, we need to be on the lookout for possible signs that students are not getting the proper nutrition. Here is some helpful information from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that can help your consideration for your children's balanced menu and healthy eating habits. The resources are available in multiple languages as well from the following link:



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