Eagle's Nest Week of 02-21-22

Week of 02-21-22



School Wide News and Announcements

A Notice From the Local Authorities

Feb. 25


Recently, there have been repeated occurrences of COVID-19. This is a reminder for everyone to pay close attention to the domestic epidemic situation. Please stay informed of official confirmed cases and asymptomatic infection forecast announced by Jinyun News (津云). Please also pay close attention to the changes in medium to high-risk, and epidemic-related areas, especially in Wuhan, Inner Mongolia, and other places.

Persons who have a history of living/traveling in epidemic-related areas, please monitor your health and report to the community and schools. Persons from epidemic-related areas must not return to school for the time being. Persons coming or returning to Tianjin from places outside Tianjin must report to the community and school.

Principals’ Coffee

Feb. 25

Our next Principals’ Coffee will be on March 16. This event was originally planned for March 2, but we have needed to postpone it.

Mark this on your calendar and we look forward to seeing you.


Wednesday, March 8 - Full Day of School

Feb. 25
Please note March 8 will be a full day of school for students.

This was marked as a half-day of school on the TIS desk calendar, but will now be a full day. Please kindly correct this on your desk calendar.

Travel Advice and Protocols

Feb. 25

Due to the recent domestic COVID-19 situation, the Tianjin Municipal Education Committee and the Municipal Education Working Committee are addressing school regulations and protocols. Please take the time to read through the guidelines and protocols below.

  • DO NOT leave Tianjin, if not necessary. If you need to leave Tianjin, you must report your destination and return date to the school. Please connect with one of our liaisons with this information.
  • If you are travelling, please ensure you:
    • carry sufficient protective supplies during the journey
    • pay close attention to personal hygiene
    • maintain social distancing, and
    • actively cooperate with health monitoring staff working in public transportation areas and epidemic prevention management.
  • DO NOT go to medium to high-risk areas. Those returning to Tianjin from counties, cities, and districts that are medium or high-risk areas will need home quarantine for 14 days. A COVID test with a negative test result will be required after the quarantine period and before a return to campus is permitted.
  • According to the requirements of the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau, persons returning to Tianjin from low-risk areas must obtain a negative COVID test within 48 hours of their return. Only when a negative COVID test is obtained will a return to campus be permitted.
  • Due to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 situation, those who will travel should be prepared for home quarantine.
  • Anyone who has been to infected areas identified by the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau, has residence history in those areas, or has a connection with infected person/s shall follow the guidelines and protocols set in accordance by local authorities of Tianjin.
  • If you have left and returned to Tianjin, a 14-day body temperature record should be logged and reported to the school.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Divisional News


Drop off

Feb. 25

Please make sure that ECC children are dropped off in front of the school. Parking on the side of the building creates a traffic issue and a safety issue for our elementary students going to recess. Thank you for your care and support in keeping our students safe.


Decorate Miss Barsalou's Office

Feb. 25


Middle School

VEX Robotics

Feb. 25

Next Thursday during their robotics class the 8th graders will have a class Vex robotics competition. They have been building robotics this year and this Thursday we will learn who has programmed the best robot.

MS Basketball

Feb. 25

The middle school basketball season has begun. We’re hoping parents can come to campus to cheer students soon. Stay tuned for more information about future games and when parents can come and watch.

TIS Spring Play

Feb. 25

Play students continue to practice for their April 1 and 2 performances. Save the date to come watch the Spring Play!

Student Led Conferences

Feb. 25

Students will soon begin preparing for their quarter 3 student led conferences. More information will be coming in the future.

High School

2022 TIS Science Fair

Feb. 25

The Chengdu Regional Science Fair has officially come to a close, and the 2022 TIS Science Fair season has begun!

This year’s TIS science fair will be held next November (exact date to be determined), a short 9 months away. Finalized project proposals will be due Friday, September 2; however, students are encouraged to begin working and communicating about the science fair NOW. All high school students are invited to participate in groups no larger than 3.

The main rule of projects is that they must be ORIGINAL works. Students are encouraged to design either experiment from the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.) or engineering projects, though limitations due to safety or ethical considerations may apply.

TIS staff are ready and waiting to advise students on their project ideas and guide them as needed to successful project outcomes. However, anyone with the appropriate credentials (A degree or work experience in a science or technical field) can advise students on their projects.

So please, if you are interested in participating in this year’s science, contact Mr. Lundy at john.lundy@tiseagles.com.


Feb. 25

This weekend high school students are participating virtually in the Beijing MUN conference. Students across China participate in this experience, learning about public speaking, problem solving, research, and debate. Next weekend more students will participate in the MUNISQ conference, virtually hosted in QingDao.

HS Soccer

Feb. 25

Soccer has begun this week. We wish the students a successful season.

VEX Robotics

Feb. 25

This year’s VEX robotics tournament will be hosted virtually at TIS on Monday, March 7. Students from TIS and several other international schools will compete with the robots they built over the last several months. Competition includes driving their robots to complete assigned tasks within time limits and running a program to complete other tasks.

College and Career


Feb. 25

Attention all 10th graders. We will be administering the PSAT10 test WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2. Please bring two #2 pencils.


Season 3: HS Soccer and MS Basketball began this past week

Feb. 25

Players and parents should keep posted to receive an email about joining the team WeChat page this coming week. WeChat will be used to announce schedule changes, bus times, etc.

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