Eagle's Nest Week of 02-28-22

Week of 02-28-22


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School Wide News and Announcements

TIS Spring Play - Tickets on Sale Now!

Mar. 4

4 weeks to go before our secondary drama put on another amazing performance. The actors are rehearsing tirelessly, the backstage team is getting things prepared, and the stage is taking shape. This time’s performance is “The somewhat true tale of Robin Hood”.

Don’t wait, purchase your tickets now!


March Library Newsletter

Mar. 4

Here’s the link to March's Library Newsletter.

A Notice From the Local Authorities

Mar. 4


Recently, there have been repeated occurrences of COVID-19. This is a reminder for everyone to pay close attention to the domestic epidemic situation. Please stay informed of official confirmed cases and asymptomatic infection forecast announced by Jinyun News (津云). Please also pay close attention to the changes in medium to high-risk, and epidemic-related areas, especially in Wuhan, Inner Mongolia, and other places.

Persons who have a history of living/traveling in epidemic-related areas, please monitor your health and report to the community and schools. Persons from epidemic-related areas must not return to school for the time being. Persons coming or returning to Tianjin from places outside Tianjin must report to the community and school.

Principals’ Coffee

Mar. 4

Our next Principals’ Coffee will be on March 16. This event was originally planned for March 2, but we have needed to postpone it.

Mark this on your calendar and we look forward to seeing you.


Wednesday, March 8 - Full Day of School

Mar. 4
Please note March 8 will be a full day of school for students.

This was marked as a half-day of school on the TIS desk calendar, but will now be a full day. Please kindly correct this on your desk calendar.

Travel Advice and Protocols

Mar. 4

Due to the recent domestic COVID-19 situation, the Tianjin Municipal Education Committee and the Municipal Education Working Committee are addressing school regulations and protocols. Please take the time to read through the guidelines and protocols below.

  • DO NOT leave Tianjin, if not necessary. If you need to leave Tianjin, you must report your destination and return date to the school. Please connect with one of our liaisons with this information.
  • If you are travelling, please ensure you:
    • carry sufficient protective supplies during the journey
    • pay close attention to personal hygiene
    • maintain social distancing, and
    • actively cooperate with health monitoring staff working in public transportation areas and epidemic prevention management.
  • DO NOT go to medium to high-risk areas. Those returning to Tianjin from counties, cities, and districts that are medium or high-risk areas will need home quarantine for 14 days. A COVID test with a negative test result will be required after the quarantine period and before a return to campus is permitted.
  • According to the requirements of the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau, persons returning to Tianjin from low-risk areas must obtain a negative COVID test within 48 hours of their return. Only when a negative COVID test is obtained will a return to campus be permitted.
  • Due to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 situation, those who will travel should be prepared for home quarantine.
  • Anyone who has been to infected areas identified by the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau, has residence history in those areas, or has a connection with infected person/s shall follow the guidelines and protocols set in accordance by local authorities of Tianjin.
  • If you have left and returned to Tianjin, a 14-day body temperature record should be logged and reported to the school.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Divisional News


Dressing in Layers

Mar. 4

The ECC garden is shaded in the morning and the full sun by the afternoon. This primarily impacts the way that students when they are playing outside. As the weather gets warmer, please dress your ECC students in layers as the mornings are cool and the afternoons are warm.


Club Sign up

Mar. 4

Dear Parents,

We are excited to begin our after-school activities this year! Below you will find descriptions of all the clubs for the Spring 2022 semester. These clubs will run from the week of March 14th through May 6th and take place from 3:30-4:15 p.m. There are also a limited number of clubs available. Please click the link and sign up by March 7th.
Spring Clubs Link

If a club is full there will be a blind name draw to determine who will be in a club.

Miss Barsalou

Club List

Mar. 4

Reading Buddies: Reading buddies is a club where older students will read to younger students. This program will help students develop a love of reading to be more motivated to read. Because this program provides success in literacy, students may become more optimistic about their ability to read and improve their reading skills. This club is for 20 students in 1st - 3rd grade and is led by the TIS principal team.

Jiujitsu Club: This club will be for 4th- 5th graders and will be led by Mr. Luo. The students will learn basic body movements and exercise to increase their strength, coordination and mobility through solo and partner training.

4th and 5th Grade Handbell Club: This club is for any 4th or 5th grade student who would like to learn to play handbells and explore a different kind of music ensemble. Mrs. Jin will lead this club. Students will learn proper handbell care and technique, improve music reading, and grow in their ability to play in an ensemble. No previous experience in playing handbells is required. The club has a maximum number of 13 students, as there are only 13 possible handbell positions available.

Watercolor Painting Club: Through art, students foster creativity, fine motor skills, resilience, and grit. Students will develop these skills in the Watercolor Painting Club. Mrs. Ren will lead this club for 3rd – 5th grade students, and this club is capped at 15 students.

Cooking Club: This club, led by Miss Barsalou, will meet in the ECC Learning Kitchen on Wednesdays. Students will learn to mix ingredients and use baking utensils while making delicious creations. This club may accept 20 students in the 1st and 2nd grades.

Foundations of Dance: This club, which Miss Carlson will lead, will meet in the ECC Music and Movement Room on Wednesday afternoons. It is open to 1st - 3rd grade students. In this club, students will learn the art and beauty of dance. This club may accept 15 students.

Chess Club: This club, led by Mr. Williams for 3rd-5thgrade students this club will be held on Wednesday afternoons. No prior experience is required. If your student wants to learn something new or grow in their skills, this is the club for them. This club will be limited to 20 students.

Drama Club: This club, led by Mrs. Williams, will meet in the Theatre Arts Room on Wednesday afternoons and is open to 3rd - 5th grade students. It is a great way to become part of a team, much like a family. It promotes literacy, improves vocabulary (use of standard English), practices public speaking, and encourages responsibility and communication. Consistent attendance, trying all parts, and learning lines are required. This is a club where everyone has fun! This club may accept 20 students.

Clay Club: In the Clay Club, 1st – 2nd grade students will learn how to shape clay to make new and fun creations. Clay promotes fine motor skills, develops imagination and a sense of color, and improves concentration and spatial awareness. Mrs. Ren leads this club, and it is capped at 20 students.

Crochet Club: Crochet Club, led by Mrs. Jin, will be offered to 3rd - 5th graders for the spring semester. Students will be introduced to the yarn art of crochet (钩针编织, 뜨개질), and learn to make their own crocheted items like bracelets, headbands/ear warmers, keychains, washcloths, scarves, etc. We will provide a crochet hook and yarn to work within this club. This club will meet in the elementary music classroom and be limited to 15 students.

Crazy Sock Club: Coach Emerson will lead this club for 4th and 5th graders. Do you want to learn to make your own cuddle stuffed creature? Crazy sock creatures make excellent gifts for people of all ages. Join in for some Crazy Sock fun! You will learn the basic sewing techniques needed, plus how to find FREE supplies. This club will be capped at 20 students.

Lego Club: This club will be open to 1st and 2nd grade and led by Mrs. Williams. This club will encourage creativity and is a great way to develop fine motor skills. There will be time for free and organized play and work on public speaking as they share their creations with their friends in the club. This club will meet on Thursday afternoons in the Innovation Space and will be capped at 20 students.

Mime Club: The mime club is a hands-on learning experience where students go through various steps of a mime activity. Students will work in small groups to design, perform, and finally reflect on the meaning of their performance. Students from the 3rd to 5th grades will have opportunities to perform in front of peers and adults. Priority will be given to new students. The mime club is led by Ms. Rodriguez and will be capped at 10 students.

Chinese Culture Club: This club, led by the Chinese department, will meet on Friday afternoons in the Elementary Chinese classrooms. Students will learn more about China through cultural activities. For example, they will learn about Chinese paper cutting, Chinese food, Chinese holidays, Chinese tourist locations, and more! This club aims to help students foster interest in Chinese culture. There will be two levels – Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary. This club will accept 10 students per group.

Hip Hop Club: This club, led by an instructor from a local dance studio, will meet in the ECC Music and Movement Room on Friday afternoons and is open to 3rd - 5th grade students. In this club, students will learn Hip Hop moves and dance routines. This club will cost about 30 to 40 RMB a session and accept 15 students.

Arts and Crafts Club: In arts and crafts club kids will have the opportunity to use a variety of materials to create 2D and 3D pieces of artwork from drawing, to painting and to collage with Miss Kivuti. This club will accept 10 students from 2nd and 3rd grade.

Digital Storytelling Club: Mrs. Zhang leads this club for 3rd – 5th graders to help develop the students’ digital storytelling skills through Scratch, a coding platform. Students will be able to learn basic coding steps like blocks and sequences. They will apply the learning outcomes to make their digital stories. There is a cap of 15 students for this club.

“Decorate Miss Barsalou’s Office” Winners

Mar. 4

Thank you to all the students who submitted art work for my office. I am looking forward to a newly decorated office.

Middle School

VEX IQ Robotics Competition

Mar. 4

The 8th-grade students competed in a VEX IQ robotics competition this week. The students ran the robots they’ve been learning about and building during their class, competing against their classmates. Several elementary classes were able to watch the event.

Volleyball Competition

Mar. 4

Middle schoolers had a volleyball competition last Monday in their Houses. House 2 enjoyed the win!

TIS Spring Play

Mar. 4

The students continue to practice and are excited for the upcoming play on the weekend of April 1. Make sure to get your tickets!

High School

VEX IQ Robotics Tournament (Virtually)

Mar. 4

TIS will host a Vex Robotics tournament on Monday for several schools and our students. It will be held virtually and allow for students to attend some class between competitions. After seeing the diligence of our robotics students in the engineering and programming of their machines, we can expect some excellent results!


Mar. 4

MUNiSC is this weekend. This Model United Nations event includes several students, including writing, debate, and political skills. Students are excited about the opportunity to participate.

This Month’s iSC Quality

Mar. 4

This month’s iSC Quality for Life focus is Discernment. Students will cover topics of discernment in their advisory classes and Assembly.

College and Career


Mar. 4

If your student is taking an AP exam, please have them log on to their dashbard to make sure it is up to date.

SENIORS: Activity Logs

Mar. 4

Please begin a list for your activity log that will be printed by the end of the year. Please ONLY send your final copy to be printed and chopped by TIS.

Senior Departure Seminar (SDS)

Mar. 4

March 17-19. Details forthcoming via email.


Mar. 4
  1. Studio portrait AND baby picture
  2. Senior write-up -It is a short story in which you bid farewell to our school, say goodbye to your classmates, thank parents, teachers, friends or anyone else

Students: Check your email as more information will be sent soon.


Upcoming Games

Mar. 4

March 10 (Thursday) - MS Basketball @ TIS vs IST
March 11 (Friday) - HS Soccer @ IST

Lunch Menus


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