Eagle's Nest Week of 03-07-22

Week of 03-07-22



School Wide News and Announcements

School Plans Next Week

Mar. 11

The school continues to monitor and seek advice from the local authorities regarding the current epidemic situation. Please pay attention to the TIS Notices WeChat group or your email for information over the weekend regarding school plans next week.

IMPORTANT: Notice from the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Bureau

Mar. 11

The Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Bureau will announce updates to the epidemic situation in a timely manner. The general public should pay close attention to the changes in the epidemic situation; do not panic, do not spread rumors, or believe in the rumors. If you receive a risk warning text message, your complex is locked down/under control, or find that your health code has changed, please DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL, immediately report this to your community authorities. Please co-operate with the authorities who are operating in strict accordance with the city's health management requirements.

April 13 - Half-day of School for Students

Mar. 11

A reminder that Wednesday, April 13 will be a half-day for students. Parent-Teacher Conferences will run from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. More information about the conferences will be provided at a later date.

Parent workshop "Unleash Your Child's True Self" (Chinese)

Mar. 11

ISC Academy will be hosting a new parent workshop series, "Unleash Your Child's True Self," starting with the first workshop, "Home Education: Purpose & Process" from 8:00 to 9:30 pm (Beijing Time) on March 15, 2022. You are welcome to join us at the event!

Former co-founder and CEO of LDi, CK Tang, will discuss with parents the elements, goals, and challenges of effectively schooling their children from home.

You can find the Zoom link and ID for the event below. You will also find a QR code on the English & Chinese flyers.

ID: 449 211 0666

We will present the workshop in Chinese. Unfortunately, there is no translation available in English for this event.

We hope to see you there!





TIS Spring Play - Tickets on Sale Now!

Mar. 11

3 weeks to go before our secondary drama put on another amazing performance. The actors are rehearsing tirelessly, the backstage team is getting things prepared, and the stage is taking shape. This time’s performance is “The somewhat true tale of Robin Hood”.

Don’t wait, purchase your tickets now!


Principals’ Coffee

Mar. 11

Join the principals for our third and final Principals' Coffee for the year (March 16). Besides hearing about some major school events coming up, we'll have an elementary musical performance, and provide further insight into our exciting STEM program.
Please register your attendance by Monday, March 14, by scanning the QR code.

*Please note this event maybe cancelled the guidelines given by local authorities regarding the current epidemic situation.


March Library Newsletter

Mar. 4

Here’s the link to March's Library Newsletter.

A Notice From the Local Authorities

Mar. 4


Recently, there have been repeated occurrences of COVID-19. This is a reminder for everyone to pay close attention to the domestic epidemic situation. Please stay informed of official confirmed cases and asymptomatic infection forecast announced by Jinyun News (津云). Please also pay close attention to the changes in medium to high-risk, and epidemic-related areas, especially in Wuhan, Inner Mongolia, and other places.

Persons who have a history of living/traveling in epidemic-related areas, please monitor your health and report to the community and schools. Persons from epidemic-related areas must not return to school for the time being. Persons coming or returning to Tianjin from places outside Tianjin must report to the community and school.

Travel Advice and Protocols

Mar. 4

Due to the recent domestic COVID-19 situation, the Tianjin Municipal Education Committee and the Municipal Education Working Committee are addressing school regulations and protocols. Please take the time to read through the guidelines and protocols below.

  • DO NOT leave Tianjin, if not necessary. If you need to leave Tianjin, you must report your destination and return date to the school. Please connect with one of our liaisons with this information.
  • If you are travelling, please ensure you:
    • carry sufficient protective supplies during the journey
    • pay close attention to personal hygiene
    • maintain social distancing, and
    • actively cooperate with health monitoring staff working in public transportation areas and epidemic prevention management.
  • DO NOT go to medium to high-risk areas. Those returning to Tianjin from counties, cities, and districts that are medium or high-risk areas will need home quarantine for 14 days. A COVID test with a negative test result will be required after the quarantine period and before a return to campus is permitted.
  • According to the requirements of the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau, persons returning to Tianjin from low-risk areas must obtain a negative COVID test within 48 hours of their return. Only when a negative COVID test is obtained will a return to campus be permitted.
  • Due to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 situation, those who will travel should be prepared for home quarantine.
  • Anyone who has been to infected areas identified by the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau, has residence history in those areas, or has a connection with infected person/s shall follow the guidelines and protocols set in accordance by local authorities of Tianjin.
  • If you have left and returned to Tianjin, a 14-day body temperature record should be logged and reported to the school.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Divisional News


This Week in the ECC

Mar. 11

The ECC has had an exciting week; please check out your class photo stream to see the fun things the students have been learning. Though the change was unexpected, the students, teachers, and parents transitioned to online learning smoothly.

ECC Outdoor Classroom

Mar. 11

The ECC students are looking forward to having their parents back on campus for Outdoor Classroom playtime. This Wednesday, parents are invited to join our ECC students in the ECC Outdoor Classroom from 10:20-10:45 a.m. Parents should come through the ECC lobby to go out to the garden area.
*Please note this activity maybe cancelled pending the guidelines given by local authorities regarding the current epidemic situation.


This Week in the Elementary

Mar. 11

The elementary had a good week. Ending the week online was different than what we had planned, but all of the students and teachers switched to online learning seamlessly. Thank you to all of the parents who helped their elementary students transition to online learning.

Spring Clubs

Mar. 11

We are looking forward to our spring clubs. Next week is the first week of elementary clubs for this semester. Please make sure you know which clubs your child has been accepted to this spring. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Miss Wu at ext. 370 or email her at es-secretary@tiseagles.com.
*Please note clubs maybe cancelled next week pending the guidelines given by local authorities regarding the current epidemic situation.

Middle School

This Week in Middle School

Mar. 11

Finishing this week with online learning was not desirable, but I am proud to say students and teachers are so skilled in this they can make a seamless shift from in-person to online learning over one evening. I commend TIS middle school students’ perseverance, learning, and engagement in their classes.

Beijing Model United Nations Conference

Mar. 11

The MUN season will end next weekend with the annual BEIMUN conference. The conference will be virtual, allowing our students to participate without traveling to Beijing. It involves many international schools throughout China. The experience exposes our students to others, growing in their understanding of the world and individual critical thinking, debate, and teamwork skills.

Student-Led Conferences

Mar. 11

Students have begun preparing for their Student-Led Conferences to be held on the half-day of school on April 13. Conferences will start at 12:30 p.m. and end at 5: 00 p.m. Students prepare a portfolio of their learning during the 2nd and 3rd quarters to present strengths, areas of growth, and overall academic goals for the coming term. The process helps students think about their learning, becoming more aware of their efforts in class and how they are responsible for learning.
All students will complete a portfolio, but students are only required to do one conference on campus with their advisory teacher and parent each year. If your child has completed an on-campus conference in the fall and has no academic or behavior concerns, they can complete their conference with you at home. A form will be sent out confirming the completion of this meeting.

Ocean Awareness Contest

Mar. 11

Last year we had a middle school student win the Ocean Awareness Contest. And I’d like to let you all know entry in the competition is in June. This is a good contest for those interested in poetry and the written word or visual arts. Even videos can be submitted for judging. Below is information from their website. Note: this is an opportunity outside of TIS:
"The 11th annual Ocean Awareness Contest is a platform for young people to learn about environmental issues through art-making and creative communication, explore their relationship to a changing world, and become advocates for positive change. Students ages 11-18 from around the world are invited to participate. The Contest deadline is June 13, 2022."

High School

Support for Getting Through the Busy Season

Mar. 11

These last two weeks have been hectic for our high school students, including athletics, fine arts, academics, clubs, MUN, applications, etc. As we approach the 4th quarter, schedules will remain busy. Parents are encouraged to check with their children about levels of stress and stress management. If you or your child needs support getting through the busyness of life, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ms. Rong, our school counselor, or a trusted teacher for help and guidance.

Ocean Awareness Competition

Mar. 11

Students were given the following notice about the Ocean Awareness Competition if they were interested in participating. This is not a school-related or sponsored activity but a good opportunity for our artistic and creative students to build experience outside of school.

"The 11th annual Ocean Awareness Contest is a platform for young people to learn about environmental issues through art-making and creative communication, explore their relationship to a changing world, and become advocates for positive change. Students ages 11-18 from around the world are invited to participate. The Contest deadline is June 13, 2022."

The Annual Senior Departure Seminar

Mar. 11

The annual Senior Departure Seminar is scheduled for March 17-19. Students leave school around noon and are dismissed from the activity on Saturday, March 19. This event includes sessions to help seniors consider life after high school to be a good transition into college and adulthood. It is essential and beneficial for our senior students. Students will be informed if a change in location or schedule is needed concerning the COVID-19 protocol.

Evening Gathering

Mar. 11

After school on March 18, we plan an evening gathering for high school students. The event starts at 4 pm, and busses will leave school at 10 pm. We will eat and play competitive games together to build community and connection. It is strongly encouraged for all students to join us!

College and Career


Mar. 11

Saturday is a test day. Please ensure that your students have had plenty of sleep and a good breakfast on Saturday.


Mar. 11



  1. Submit a studio portrait and a baby picture
  2. Submit senior write-up
    ** Please contact charles.schreur@icloud.com with any questions or to set up a portrait time.

Upcoming ISCOT MS Basketball Tournament

Mar. 11

The tournament runs from approximately 8:30 to 1:00 p.m. on March 19.
Boys at TEDA. Girls at TIS.
Bus times will be communicated in the team WeChat this week.

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