Middle School News 1- 18-19


MAP Testing

Middle school students will continue taking the MAP Growth test from NWEA next week. MAP Growth tests are used to determine student instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year (and from year to year) in reading and math. This test is administered three times a year and is intended to show student growth and where further growth is needed. Map testing will take place during students normally scheduled class time.

Sixth Grade STEM Project

All parents are invited and encouraged to come to the middle school to see sixth grader’s presentations. They will be answering the question, “Water impacts our lives, how do we impact water?” Over the last two weeks, students have been involved in an interdisciplinary STEM project studying various aspects of water. This presentation will mark the end of their unit of study. Students will present between 2pm and 3pm on Friday, January 25th in room A246.


Spring Festival Holiday

The Lunar New Year holiday will begin on January 26. The middle school teachers and staff want to wish all our families a very happy new year! Classes will resume on the morning of February 11.

Spring Festival

Middle School Events

8th grade Pep Band

At the high school basketball against Maple Leaf on Monday January 25th, the middle school 8th graders will be playing with the high school pep band after school. I have heard their practice and they sound great! All are invited to watch the basketball game and to hear the pep band play.

Clubs and After School Activities

Students continue to enjoy many after school activities. Middle school is a busy time with new academic and social responsibilities. To help students in their learning needs, teachers are often after school to help children with answering questions and clarifying concepts. Please encourage your daughters and sons to take advantage of this support in addition to participation in extracurricular activities.

Kids Read and MUN

Kids Read and MUN continue to prepare for their events following the Lunar New Year holiday. Both groups will travel to Beijing for their respective activities and competitions with other schools.

Writing Club

Writing Club continues into this next semester and all are welcome. The writing club offers students a chance to write and share their products with their peers. The goal is to have an outlet to share their creations with one another. Students meet on Fridays in Mr. Fagerland’s classroom and all middle schoolers are welcome to attend.


Maker-Space is available for students wishing to create. Students who are interested in creating, well anything, are encouraged to apply. They may contact Mr. Delzer for more information. Some areas of creation include such things as fashion design, wood work, crafts, and design.

Math Slam Competition

Middle School Houses will be preparing for their Math Slam Competition on February 22. This competition between Houses is in quiz-bowl fashion where students compete by teams using their math knowledge.

Music Lessons

Students interested in improving their instrumental or vocal abilities are encouraged to contact Mr. Hebert, Mr. Emerson, or Mrs. Chen for individualized after-school instruction.