Middle School News 1- 25-19


MAP Testing

Middle school students have completed their second round of MAP testing for the year. Soon after the holiday their results will be uploaded into their DocBox.

Spring Festival Holiday

The Lunar New Year holiday will begin on January 26. The middle school teachers and staff want to wish all our families a very happy new year! Classes will resume on the morning of February 11.

Spring Festival

STEM Interdisciplinary Project

The 6th grade class concluded their STEM interdisciplinary project today with presentations showing all they learned. They were challenged to answer the question, “Water impacts our lives, how do we impact water?” They visited local sites, met with a man running a clean drinking water business in Pakistan, made a water filter, and learned all about water.


8th Grade Pep Band

The 8th graders played well with the school Pep Band during the basketball game last Monday. We look forward to future opportunities for them to play again!

Pep Band

Pep Band

Pep Band