Eagle's Nest 11-30-18

General Announcements


With the recent days of poor air quality, you may be wondering what the TIS policy is for student outdoor activity. Here is a brief summary: The facilities manager monitors and reports the air quality index for the air inside and outside our school twice daily. Based on the findings, the administration and teachers are notified if action needs to be taken to modify student activities. The best air quality levels allow all students to engage in strenuous activities outside (AQI of 100 or less). Moderate air quality levels allow students with respiratory illness to refrain from participation in strenuous activities (AQI of 150 or less). Poor air quality may require that outdoor activities be modified (AQI of 150-200) or cancelled (AQI above 200).


Closures and Delays

Here is an important reminder about school closure and delays. In the case of heavy snow, dense fog, heavy rain, or extremely poor air quality, school may be delayed or canceled. In such cases, information will be posted on the TIS website. Additionally, messages will be sent out through the TIS WeChat channel, and an e-mail will be sent to all parents.

Closures and Delays

Bus Safety Training

Starting December 3 students will be given bus safety training. The training will include the requirement of wearing seat belts on TIS transportation, emergency exits, fire extinguishers and what to do in case of a collision or other incident on the road.

Bus safety Training

Invitation to Parent

Parent Workshop Wednesday, December 5, 9:30 – 11:00

Staff from Odyssey will be joining us next week and offering two parent workshops to give you some tips in talking with your student about very important topics. The workshops are geared to help with parenting to children of all ages. The topics being discussed are Technology Safety and Boundaries and Awkward Conversations about Sex. Please join us to learn about these important topics.
Odyssey is the student development branch of the iSC Support Services team. Odyssey leads several annual iSC-wide events, visits campuses, and provides resources and training for iSC staff in the area of student development.


Come one come all for an evening of family-friendly excitement! This fantastic musical will warm your hearts and have you dancing in your seats. You will be crooned by cowboys, surprised by stage fighting, and laughing till your sides split. Join us to see a confident cowboy compete with a mysterious farmhand for the love of a winsome farm girl amidst the rugged, unclaimed territory of Oklahoma. Find out why this musical has remained one of the top-selling shows on Broadway!


Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar – December 8th, 2018

Join us here at TIS on December 8 from 10am-2pm for our Annual Christmas Bazaar! 🎄 This will be our 25th Christmas Bazaar.

This Christmas Bazaar is no different from any of the others, as all proceeds go to charity. So we invite you to come and join in the Fun, Food and Festivities, all for a worthy cause.🎅 Tickets can be be purchased for ¥10 at at the TIS Welcome Center or at the entrance to the Bazaar on Dec. 8. For more information, call us at 022-8371-0900 Ext. 311 or email us at admissions@tiseagles.com. Can’t wait to see everyone there! ⛄️

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Dates to Remember

Important Dates
Nov. 24 Grades 3-5 Table Tennis at TIS
Nov. 30 TIS Science Fair
Nov. 30 Elementary Christmas Concert
Dec. 1 SAT & Subject Test
Dec. 1 ISAC MS Volleyball Exchanges
Dec. 8 Christmas Bazaar
Dec. 8 – 9 HS Drama