Dual Enrollment at TIS

We have a new educational opportunity in the TIS High School!

In collaboration with Grand Canyon University, iSC and TIS are proud to offer Dual Enrollment college-level courses for the 2020-2021 school year. Dual Enrollment courses enable eligible iSC students to simultaneously earn university and high school credit and enhance their academic journey. Some of the benefits to our students and families include:

Earn transferable college credit towards your university degree, while simultaneously earning high school credit

  • Accelerate your pathway to college graduation
  • Save money on overall university cost
  • Receive instruction from university-level professors and instructors
  • Enhance college-level academic skills while in high school
  • Begin university transition in a familiar and supportive academic setting
  • Display success in college-level course rigor on university applications
  • Apply to university with proven university achievement and confidence
  • Attend GCU, a Higher Learning Commission approved institution



We are excited about this new opportunity for our students! The rigor this adds to a student’s high school profile and the credits earned for university make this an incredible partnership.


*Photos courtesy of Grand Canyon University

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