Fall Fun with Friends at This Year's Fall Camp


Students learn and play at this year's Secondary Fall Camp!

Our yearly Secondary Fall Camp was last week, and the Secondary students had an exhilarating time playing games and having fun together. As in the past couple of years, Fall Camp took place on campus.

Our Secondary students have the inside scoop! Let's hear from TIS Senior McKoy about everything that happened at this year's Secondary Fall Camp.


Fall Camp was a wonderful experience for all the students at TIS, where we got to learn, work together, and develop our leadership skills.


Seniors Only

The night before fall camp, the Seniors of TIS got together for dinner and listened to a presentation on how to better themselves to be good leaders. Not just for fall camp but for their future occupations and the rest of their lives.


Games and Skits

We started off the first day with a rock paper scissors competition and then proceeded to listen to unique sessions and break into small groups where we discussed what we learned about the session. We prepared for our skits on the first day and started a championship between the eight groups participating in Fall Camp.


On the second and last day of Fall Camp, students got to participate in another competition along with an intense tug-of-war game. Then the last thing we did was perform the skits that we had worked hard on for the two days of fall camp. It was a close competition, and all of the groups did so well and created highly entertaining skits; team 2 took the competition again and won first place in the championship and the skits.

Overall, we all learned so much and had a lot of fun!

Thanks, McKoy, for your in-depth look at this year's Fall Camp! Thanks also to SoHee for some great photos. It looks like it was a huge success - students developed relationships and had lots of fun. We love getting to do Fall Camp with our Secondary students!