Middle School Summer Connections


The Middle Schoolers had a blast this summer!

During the summer, the middle schoolers attended a fun and character-building camp our very own TIS Middle School teachers put on. Hear from TIS Counselor Ms. Kitty Rong about why this camp was so impactful.

The teenage years are crucial for students to develop interpersonal social skills, form their identity, and learn about themselves and others.

This summer, secondary teachers planned and implemented a Middle School summer camp to teach students skills to manage their intense emotions, develop healthy friendships, cultivate team-building, and have fun. We focused the camp on four main sessions: Strong Emotion Management, Conflict Resolution, Guy-Girl Relationships, and Truth and Lies in Life. We had small group discussions on each topic after the lectures. We also had well-designed group activities to learn team building, leadership skills, and collaboration.




Each day, students had free time to play basketball, soccer, and badminton. Some high school students even volunteered during the camp to show servant leadership to the middle school students.


This camp is so important because teachers and other significant adults in teenagers' lives can help them as they deal with managing their emotions, resolving peer conflicts, and developing their views of others and themselves.

Thank you, Ms. Rong, for the perfect recap of the Middle School summer camp. We are so thankful for and impressed by the middle school team, the high school volunteers, and everyone else that made this camp a success.

To learn more about our Middle School program and how we invest in their social-emotional health, visit us on-campus or contact us today.