Say, "Hello," to the New Teachers at TIS!

Part 1

We want to welcome some of the new teachers at TIS!

Extraordinary people have joined our team at TIS this year, and we want to introduce them to you! Let's take a look at some of the new, fantastic teachers in the Secondary School.


Frank Mallory
Secondary History Teacher

I am beginning my first year at TIS. I worked at CDIS here in China 20+ years ago and have taught in the US, East Africa, and Mongolia as well. Throughout my numerous years in the classroom, I have taught history, geography, mathematics, character, science, and yearbook. My wife, Lynn, and I have been married for nearly 35 years and have two children. Our son and his family live in North Carolina in the US, and our daughter lives and works here in Tianjin.

Fun Fact: I climbed a snow-capped mountain in East Africa—an elevation of 5,150 m.


Barry Wolfer
Secondary Philosophy Teacher

For the past 13 years, I've been living in Korea. I met my wife in Busan, and we've been married for 8 years. We have two sons in the ECC program here, and we've only been living in China since this summer, so we are very new to both China and TIS. We have been enjoying getting to know this community, and we feel right at home in this school community. Thank you for your warm welcome, TIS! Before TIS, I taught Worldviews and Ethics at an international school in Pyeongtaek, Korea.

Fun Fact: I got paid to act in an Italian opera. I was a soldier, and we had 4 shows in Busan, Korea.


Phoebe Pang
Secondary Science Teacher

This is my first year teaching at TIS. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education–Integrated Science and a minor in Psychology. Before starting at TIS, I was at a middle school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Beijing, China.

Fun Fact: When I was little, I volunteered for a wide range of extra-curricular classes: national dance, ballet, Guzheng, ukulele, baking, DIY crafts, volleyball, and badminton.

We are so happy to meet some of our new staff! This will be a great year learning, loving, and leading with them.

Stay tuned for more of our new staff bios!