Parents Go Behind The Scenes at This Year's Open House


At this year's Open House, parents met with TIS's globally-minded and compassionate teachers.


On Friday, Oct. 21, all TIS parents were invited to our annual Open House. This event showcases our beautiful campus, our world-class teachers, and the excellent work that students have done so far during the first quarter. Parents could listen to custom presentations delivered by the children's teachers to learn what is specifically being taught this year. They can then chat with the teachers in this personal and informative setting.


Parents were invited to hear a special keynote from our Head of School along with the teacher presentations. Mr. Ryan Witt presented TIS's philosophy and how we nurture our students to be globally-minded future leaders. Other guest speakers presented on our school's many different extracurriculars, such as athletics, fine arts, and drama. We love talking about our school and the many ways students learn inside and outside the classroom.


Seeing all of our parents at this annual event was such a joy! We loved showing them our beautiful campus and speaking to them about what their child will learn this year.

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