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TIANMUN celebrates its 10th anniversary!

The annual MUN conference planned and hosted by TIS students last week was a huge success! Check out this article by TIS MUN students to learn more about this unique event.


The TIANMUN X conference was held physically and virtually at Tianjin International School, providing students the opportunity to become global leaders. The 10th annual TIANMUN conference was from November 10th to 12th. During times of uncertainty, the TIANMUN executive team worked extremely hard to make this conference possible. There were three physical and seven virtual committees, with participants joining from China, South Korea, and Thailand.

TIANMUN begins with an inspiring opening ceremony

The opening ceremony marked the start of the exciting three days of the conference, and the keynote speaker Mr. Rory Moore shared an incredible presentation for the participants. Participants also had a Q&A session where they could design their plans for future social impacts. After the opening ceremony, delegates came together for the opening speeches and lobbying session. They used this time to craft the final resolution and took the opportunity to get to know students from other international schools.


Students actively engage in the debate

All students were very enthusiastic during the debate sessions. TIANMUN X enabled TIS Middle and High School students to develop their public speaking, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills throughout the debate. Meanwhile, the chairs, media, admin, tech, and the executive team also worked diligently to provide a valuable experience for the participants.

On the last day, students finished their debate early and engaged in a fun debate. Both physical and virtual delegates took this time to socialize with students from other schools.


Students achieve their goals from the conference

The closing ceremony was held, and the chairs of each committee announced the awards. HeeEun K. Wooseong C. and Charles S. from TIS won awards for their exceptional contribution to the conference. Regardless of the awards, all students who participated in the conference had a meaningful time and learned valuable lessons during this year's TIANMUN X.


The leadership shown by Mr. Way, Mrs. Zhang, the executive team, and the chairs for TIANMUN X gave many students unforgettable memories! Join us for the next TIANMUN conference!

Great job on a successful TIANMUN! Thanks for giving us a closer look at this iconic event.