Students Engaged with TIS Athletics

Let’s go Eagles, let’s go!



Many aspects of this year have been unconventional, and our sports program is no exception! But despite the setbacks we have seen this year, our students have still been able to engage in hands-on learning outside the classroom and inside the gymnasium.



TIS’ sports program includes 3 seasons of sports for middle school and high school. Each season rotates between Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer. Our elementary students participate in friendly exchanges including soccer, cross-country, badminton, chess, and ping pong. Our well-guided sports programs provide opportunities for young men and women to gain important life skills by teaching them the value of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, hard work and the importance of physical activity to support a healthy lifestyle.


We’ve had to maneuver the difficulties of playing sports in the midst of COVID-19, but we have still been able to deliver an excellent sports program to our students. Check out some photos from this year’s sports activities! For more information on TIS’ sports programs, call, or email us today!

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