Tianjin in My Eyes - TIS Hosts Photo Contest Exhibit


TIS is a site for the "Tianjin in My Eyes" photo contest exhibition!


Students and parents got to enjoy some of the fantastic works of photography that were selected as winners in the "Tianjin in My Eyes" photo contest. Tianjin's Foreign Expert Bureau hosted this photo contest, and foreigners across Tianjin submitted some incredible pictures. Notable landmarks such as the Tianjin Eye, St. Regis Hotel, and the MinYuan track are featured as well as the daily life of the people of Tianjin, both foreign and Chinese.


The Director of the Foreign Expert Bureau, Mr. Lee, and Ms. Liu, the general manager of cri.cn (国际在线), visited TIS to speak with teachers and school leadership and view the many photos on display on TIS's campus. Mr. Witt was even interviewed for a TV special! We were honored for these distinguished guests (and many others) to visit our campus and spend some time with us, appreciating the many excellent photos in the exhibition.


This mobile exhibition will continue to make its way around Tianjin for people to enjoy. Many thanks to the Foreign Expert Bureau for organizing this contest that helps show how foreigners see Tianjin - a welcoming, vibrant, and historical city that many foreigners are proud to call home.