TIS Students Achieve Top World Rankings in Robotics Competition


The students may have been off-campus, but that doesn't mean they stopped achieving!

During Off-Campus Learning, Honors Robotics students practiced coding and tested their gameday strategies through a virtual environment - the VEX VRC Virtual Skills. This platform allows teams to participate in this year's VEX-featured game and train virtual robots to score with different game elements. The course hosts a virtual skills challenge, where students can compete with teams worldwide and nearby.


The champion of the TIS Robotics Virtual Competition was HoJun K. (12th); the second place was HwiSoo A. (11th), and the third place (tied) were JaeHyeon K. (12th) and JunHee C. (12th). HoJun also made it into the top 10 in the current world rankings. The rest of the TIS robotics students are in the top 30 in the world. These achievements are made even more significant, as many of these students are in their first year of Robotics.

Check out a clip of HoJun's VEX Virtual program!

Students have gained valuable coding knowledge, game knowledge, and debugging skills through this experience. As TIS resumes in person, students have set up the game field and begun to build their actual robots.