My name is Nicholas Strong and I am the TIS Athletic Director. This is my 6th year at TIS and I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve the student-athletes and coaches each year. As a young student-athlete, I competed in soccer, baseball, and racquetball. I have felt both the agonizing pain of defeat as well as the triumphant joy of victory and I believe those feelings have played a role in shaping the person I am today.

I believe in the power of participating in athletics to help shape and mold student-athletes into young men and women of good character. I anticipate, that throughout this year of athletics, the TIS students-athletes will also feel both the agonizing pain of defeat and the triumphant joy of victory. I look forward to journeying with TIS student-athletes this year, as they face challenges both big and small while participating in athletics, all the while growing in Truth, Integrity, Service, and Excellence.

Nicholas Strong

TIS Athletic Director


TIS has a fantastic athletics program that grows our students in the knowledge of the sport and teaches them how to compete at their highest levels. TIS offers middle school and high school basketball, volleyball and soccer to all qualifying students. Our elementary students participate in friendly exchanges including: soccer, cross-country, badminton, chess, and ping pong. Our well-guided sports programs provide opportunities for young men and women to gain important life skills by teaching them the value of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, hard work and the importance of physical activity to support a healthy lifestyle. We are proud of our student’s achievements on the field both in skill and attitude. Parent support and participation is always welcomed as a vital part of student development.

TIS is a member of three athletic conferences including: ISAC (International Schools Athletics Conference), ISCOT (International Schools and Colleges of Tianjin) and ISC (International Schools of China). The ISAC league provides regular games and tournaments between 3 international schools in Tianjin and 11 international schools in Beijing. The ISCOT league provides both individual and team competitions for elementary, middle school, and high school student athletes within Tianjin. Our athletes also travel to other cities across China to participate in tournaments with other ISC schools.

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