The Band and Choir Department are two of the most successful programs at TIS. Our teachers are highly qualified and they help students strive for excellence in their musical talents. Each year, a select group of our students are chosen to participate in the most prestigious international music competiton, AMIS. Come to one of our concerts and see why TIS is the school of choice for students who excel in music.

Elementary Music

Elementary Music

Students have class two days each week. During those classes we sing, play glockenspiels, recorders, boomwhackers, ukuleles, and rhythm instruments in order to develop music proficiency in the following areas:
-Create Music through improvisation, writing, and composition;
-Perform Music for various purposes and audiences;
-Respond to Music through movement, art, writing, and discussion;
-Connect Music to society, culture, and other areas of study.
Twice a year, TIS puts on an elementary performance. The first performance is a concert towards the end of the first semester. This performance showcases the skills and creations students have worked on in their various grade levels. The second performance is a musical done in collaboration with the theatre department. All elementary students perform by singing, playing instruments, and/or participating in the play.

Intro to Band for 5th Grade
Fifth grade students have the opportunity to try different instruments from each of the families in a concert band. Students spend 8 weeks learning each instrument after which an assessment is taken. The program gives fifth graders the opportunity to play high quality instruments and learn the basics of ensemble playing as well as make an informed decision about which instrument to pursue in middle school. Students perform once at the end of the year.
Enrichment Music Clubs
Each year, students sign up for clubs in which they can explore a topic further. Clubs change from year to year. Currently we offer Handbells, and Sing-along Club


Middle School

Our students may begin specializing on an instrument in 6th grade. Students may study Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, or Percussion at Tianjin International School. New students who enrol in our school in grades 7-12 have an opportunity to participate in band through our new student program. Students involved in band participate in a Christmas concert, and a Spring Concert. As students’ performing skills increase, there is more opportunity for band students to participate in additional events. When students reach 8th grade, they play pop and movie theme songs along-side the high school band at the high school basketball games.

High School

Our high school band performs the same top level material that the most successful high school bands perform. In addition to our traditional Christmas and Spring concerts, high school students also perform in a wide variety of events throughout the year. Our students have travelled downtown to perform in Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies at hotels and malls. We have performed at our school’s cultural events like China Day and International Day. Along with the 8th grade students, the high school band perform movie and pop songs to liven up the crowd at high school basketball games. At the end of the year, students also serve their peers by performing at the graduation ceremony. More competitive and accomplished students may audition for a position in the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) Honor’s Band. Students who have earned a position in this prestigious high school event have travelled to Qatar, Singapore, and Austria to perform under the direction of collegiate level conductors. In March, Tianjin International School hosts the annual iSC Fine Arts Festival. Fine Arts students from our sister schools in the International School Consortium are invited to combine our school’s band for an incredible large, 2 day, symphonic band experience. Students are directed by a seasoned or collegiate level conductor -- usually invited from America -- and perform in a professional hall downtown at the end of this event. Most band students consider this event the highlight of the year.

With all the above exciting experience opportunities, it is not hard to conclude Tianjin International School is home to the best instrumental program in Tianjin.