Min Ju Sohn

Class of 2017

6 Years at TIS
Nationality: South Korea
University/Major: Seoul National University / Media and Communication

When I was a senior, alumni of TIS often came back to school to share their experiences in colleges. They would always end their stories with those incredulous words of “Enjoy your Highs School and make the best out of TIS.” Yes, this may not directly touch your heart when you are so stressed and pressured to get a high SAT score, submit that AP Language essay that is half-written, or solve AP Statistics problem that doesn’t even make sense. My comment about TIS would be short, “Your TIS life matters and it does help.” In fact, my life in TIS is one of the most precious periods of my life. TIS, even after graduation, has been playing an incredible role in my life. An eye for the world that I was able to obtain with numerous aids from respectable faculties and friends during my life at Tianjin International School had enabled me to succeed in Korea as a competent yet right-minded student. Rigorous academic disciplines at TIS had proven to be helpful in various lectures that I currently take in college as well.