Eagle's Nest 12-21-18

General Announcements

From the Nurse

I want to encourage you to take advantage of holiday travels outside of China to catch up on immunizations. The tetanus booster is currently restricted inside China so please check your child’s records to ensure that his/her tetanus is current. A current tetanus vaccination is required before spring trips 2019. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at nurse@tiseagles.com. Wishing you a safe and healthy Christmas holiday.

Mrs. Christine Gilbert, RN

The 25th Annual Christmas Charity Bazaar

Thank you to all who attend this year’s Christmas Charity Bazaar. We raised over 28,220RM. Special mention to the following people; Sohn DongWhee & Ha JuWon (1000RMB), Kim SeungHwan & Lee SiHoo (1800RMB), Oh ChaeWon (502RMB), Park Hyun Joon (800RMB), Lee SeongBin (280RMB), Park Soel (288RMB), Oak Tree Kindergarten (140.5RMB), TIS Cafeteria (850RMB), and HS Service Club. The funds will go to a local charity organization, and when we have the specific information, we will announce it once again in the Eagle’s Nest.


Mark your calendar: Friday, 18th January 2019.
This year’s historical focus is the Song Dynasty. The Day will be divided up into Activities (gym), Chinese cuisine and a Special Chinese Programme (Auditorium).

We encourage all to please wear Chinese clothes on China Day as we celebrate our Host Country. If you do not have anything to wear, please do contact Dawn Williams dwilliams@tiseagles.com

If you are interested in being a part of the Programme, please do contact Dawn Williams dwilliams@tiseagles.com Looking for Chinese cultural performances; singing, dancing, martial arts, etc.

China Day

China Day

China Day

China Day


Reminder: Please do label all your child’s items with both their name and grade. This will help us return any lost belongings to their owners.

Lost & Found

TIS ROBOTIC TOURNAMENT ~ Saturday, 16th February

TIS will be host to a VEX Robotic tournament with participating robots from several schools throughout China.

Weekly AQI / PM2.5 Readings

Outside Average Reading = 156 / 68
Inside Average Reading = 57 / 15


Dates to Remember

Important Dates
Dec. 25 Christmas Day
Dec. 24 - Jan.4 Christmas Vacation
Jan. 7 Begin Semester 2
Jan.11 Report Card Grades Posted
Jan. 12 ISAC HS Basketball Tournament