Eagle's Nest 12-20-19

General Announcements

China Day 2020

This year's focus: Tianjin!

Cany you believe it? China day is nearly here! On Friday, Jan. 17, we'll have a full day of performances, cultural activities and Chinese cuisine. All these things will be part of this very special day as we celebrate the beauty of the Chinese culture, and of course, our city of Tianjin. China Day is meant to enhance what our students have learned this past year in their Chinese classes. The celebration will take place during normal school hours and parents are encouraged to attend. You may even see some of your fellow parents in the Mum's Choir! Please wear Chinese traditional clothes on China Day. Pondering what to wear? Either wear red or ask Mrs. Williams. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on China Day!

Christmas Bazaar Donations

We want to announce that we will be donating this year's Christmas Bazaar proceeds to the Tianjin Adult Facility (天津市社会福利院)! For many years, the Adult Facility located in Xiqing District has supported the lives of many developmentally disabled adult orphans. The facility provides a community that fully meets the living, learning, and health needs of each adult.

We raised a total of ¥37,300 at the Bazaar this year! This money will go towards purchasing multiple products for the orphanage, such as educational materials. Our donations, along with the Adult Facility's pre-existing support, will help enrich the lives of the adults in this community. We are thankful for this opportunity to support the wider Tianjin community through this partnership with the Tianjin Adult Facility!

We want to give a special mention and thanks to the following students, who donated the proceeds they raised at the Bazaar to this worthy cause.

Rainbow Friends (Iris and Yea Kim): 200 RMB
JungHyeok Park (12th Grade): 250 RMB
TaeGeon Kim (12th Grade): 760 RMB
HyunJoon Park (12th Grade): 685 RMB
JiMin Park (12th Grade): 300 RMB
SuHwan Lim (11th Grade): 1300RMB
Seong Bin Lee (12th Grade), Seungheon Lee (10th Grade): 420 RMB

Thank you again to the TIS community for your show of support at this year's Christmas Bazaar!

Make Up Picture Day - January 10

Make-up Picture Day is for any student who was not here in September when we had pictures taken. It will be on January 10 (the first Friday after the break). If your child needs to have his/her picture taken, please send your child to school dressed for pictures.

From the TIS Health Office

Although not required, I would highly recommend getting the flu vaccination to help protect yourself and your family. The flu vaccination is available locally in China.

I want to encourage you to take advantage of holiday travels outside of China to catch up on immunizations. The tetanus booster is currently restricted inside China so please check your child’s records to ensure that his/her tetanus is current. For 5th-12th graders, a current (within 10 years) tetanus vaccination or waiver is required before spring trips 2020. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Health Office at nurse@tiseagles.com. Wishing you a safe and healthy Christmas holiday.

Mrs. Christine Gilbert, RN

AQI Reminder

With the recent days of poor air quality, you may be wondering what the TIS policy is for student outdoor activity. Here is a brief summary:

The facilities manager monitors and reports the air quality index for the air outside our school twice daily. Based on the findings, the administration and teachers are notified if action needs to be taken to modify student activities. The best air quality levels allow all students to engage in strenuous activities outside (AQI of 100 or less). Moderate air quality levels allow students with respiratory illness to refrain from participation in strenuous activities (AQI of 150 or less). Poor air quality may require that outdoor activities be modified (AQI of 150-200) or cancelled (AQI above 200).

Here is an important reminder about school closure and delays. In the case of heavy snow, dense fog, heavy rain, or extremely poor air quality, school may be delayed or canceled. In such cases, information will be posted on the TIS website. Additionally, messages will be sent out through the TIS WeChat channel, and an e-mail will be sent to all parents.

Dates to Remember

Important Dates
Dec.23-Jan.3 Christmas Vacation
Jan. 17 China Day