Eagle's Nest Summer Edition


*last updated August 7th, 2020.

From the ELS department

Language assessment dates and times were emailed out to parents of ELS students on Wednesday, Aug. 5th. If your child was in ELS in 2019/20 and you did not receive an email, please kindly contact our ELS co-ordinator, Ms. Melva Whaley, melva.whaley@ldi.global.

School Start Date - Moved to September 1st.

Please take note that the start of the 2020 - 2021 school year has been moved back to September 1st. A parent letter detailing this change was sent out on July 17th. If you did not receive this letter, please reach out to our Admissions department at admissions@tiseagles.com.

iSC Academy Registration

For families outside of China and not likely to be able to return before the start of the school year on Sept. 1st. Please register your child/ren for iSC Academy (iSCA), our online learning platform. We advise that families in this situation contact us as soon as possible, as our iSCA team is in the midst of preparation.

Registration can be done by contacting our Admissions department at admissions@tiseagles.com.

HIGH SCHOOL - AP Chinese Course Entry Assessment

Parents, the following email was sent out to AP students on Aug. 3rd. If you have any questions, please make contact with our secondary school office.

Dear 10-12th Grade Students,

It has come to my attention that some of you have requested to take AP Chinese this year but are unsure of your level of Chinese or have yet to get a teacher recommendation to enter the course. The Chinese Department is offering an “Entry to AP Chinese Assessment” on August 10th at 9am for students hoping to take that course.

Please RSVP with Mrs. Liu if you wish to take the assessment or have questions about the test or AP Chinese course. Please contact Mrs. Liu Fang at fang.liu@tiseagles.com or Mrs. He at ada.he@tiseagles.com
They will provide you with more information including where the test will be administered.

Mr. Delzer

HIGH SCHOOL - AP Classes Start August 17

Parents, the following email was sent out to AP students recently. If you have any questions, please make contact with our secondary school office.

Dear AP Students,

I am sure you are filled with anticipation about this year’s AP courses. Every year these classes provide a great amount of challenge as the expectations of the courses are equivalent to an introductory college level class. Students who are proactive, motivated, timely to complete their assigned reading, and regularly meeting with their teachers as questions arise do excel in these classes.

You were recently informed that the TIS school year will begin on September 1. This will reduce face to face time for AP students to complete course content necessary for the AP tests scheduled in May, 2021. To make up for this time loss, AP teachers will begin assigning course materials starting the week of August 17th. Be sure to check your school email, look for information from your AP teacher, and be prepared to begin receiving assignments the week of August 17th.


Mr. Delzer

Summer Education Opportunities - Library opening EXTENDED!

The library's summer session opening times has now been extended until August 13th. Every Monday and Thursday the library will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 pm; with Story Time on Mondays @ 10:30 a.m. We welcome returning students and staff who will be remaining in Tianjin during the summer to take advantage of the summer session.

Please note that that Elementary Library will be closed on Thursday, July 30th as scheduled maintenance will be occuring in the elementary hallway.

**IMPORTANT: Parents and students need to show their parent badge or student ID in order to enter the campus. Parents must supervise their child/ren whilst on campus.**

Daily COVID-19 temperature log entries

Please continue to complete your child's log at covid19.ldiglobal.org during the summer break, as we are required to provide daily reports to the local authorities. This is also important for students who will be coming for summer classes.

In the event your child has a fever, please inform our Admissions office and ensure appropriate action is taken, which could mean taking your child to one of the city's designated fever clinic.

Thank you for your cooperation.

From the TIS Health Office

Thank you for your cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep TIS a safe and healthy environment.

For continued information regarding COVID-19, please check out the following websites;

World Health Organization
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
International SOS

Please take advantage of summer time to catch up on immunizations, The tetanus booster is restricted inside China for children over 11 years old, so please check your child’s records to ensure that his/her tetanus is current. If your child’s last tetanus immunization was in 2011 or before, it is time for a booster. A current tetanus vaccination is highly recommended for any school trips.

**Remember to submit a copy of any updated immunization records to the Health Office by the end of summer vacation or the first week of school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please contact nurse@tiseagles.com if you have any questions.

Have a healthy and safe summer vacation!

Mr. Luke Jeon

Dates to Remember

Important Dates
August 12th Admissions Testing Day
August 10th Entry to AP Chinese Assessment
August 12th Admissions Testing Day
August 19th - 21st ELS language assessment
August 31st First day of school (new students)
Sept 1st First day of school