Eagle's Nest 10-25-19

General Announcements

International Day

A huge heartfelt thank you to all who made this a very special day. Whether you made food items from your country, helped serve, helped our moms with their little ones, or were a part of the program - either by encouraging your child to participate or being one of the performers. Your contribution to International Day did not go amiss. Thank you, all, so much!

Fine Arts Celebration

Our annual Fine Arts Celebration will take place on Friday, November 1st. Please join us for a night of celebrating our students’ talent in music, dance, and art.

Bussing will be provided for students and family to arrive at school at 6:30 pm. While the performers get ready in their respective rooms, family members and guests can enjoy the art that is on display in the lobby. Performances will begin in the choir and band rooms at 7:15pm, after which there will be a brief intermission. The Finale performance will begin in the auditorium at 8:30pm. Busses will depart at 9:15pm.

From the TIS Health Office

Take Action, Prevent the Flu

Flu season is here. Although not required, we highly recommend getting the flu vaccination to help protect yourself and your family.

Here are possible locations for the flu vaccination based on availability taken from http://www.jzb.com/bbs/thread-7503059-1-1.html
(You may contact any from the link above, but will need to use Chinese for most locations. Please check if they still have stock of the flu vaccination and make an appointment if needed. Most local hospitals and service centers do not require an appointment)

Here are suggestions below who serve foreigners:

Hexi District Machang Street Community Health Service Center

85 Meteorological Station Road, Hexi District 河西区气象台路85 号
(Héxī qū mǎchǎng jiē shèqū wèishēng fúwù zhōngxīn, héxī qū qìxiàngtái lù 85 hào)
1:30pm-4 pm (Monday - Friday) Tel/电话: 23529948-8005 Cost: 153 RMB

Liulin Hospital 河西区柳林医院
Hexi District, 1033 Dagu South Road, Hexi District
河西区柳林医院, 河西区大沽南路1033 号
(Héxī qū liǔ lín yīyuàn, héxī qū dà gū nánlù 1033 hào)
8 am -11 am (Monday - Thursday) Tel/电话:13163048533 Cost: 153 RMB

Tianjin United Family Hospital 天津和睦家医院
No.22, Tianxiao Yuan, Tanjiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin 300221
天津市河西区潭江道天潇园22 号邮编300221
9 am - 3 pm (Monday - Thursday), 9 am - 4 pm (Saturday) Tel/电话: +86 22 5856 8500
(non-members require a consultation with a doctor for 415 RMB plus 218 RMB for the flu vaccination)
**the consultation fee was not required last year for children who were non-members, but recently there was a new government requirement, sorry for any inconvenience.

Questions? nurse@tiseagles.com

School Nurses: Mrs. Christine Gilbert & Mr. Luke Jeon

TIS Fall Admissions Testing

TIS Fall Testing is coming up! Parents interested in enrolling your child at TIS, please mark your calendars for November 7. Testing will occur on this day. For more information or to sign your child up for testing, please email us at admissions@tiseagles.com or call our Admissions Office at +86 (22) 8371-0900 x 311. Thank you, and we hope to see many future students and parents on Testing Day!

Christmas Bazaar: Call for Vendors

Date & time: 10am to 2pm, Saturday, Nov. 30

Location: TIS Cafeteria for food booths; TIS Gym for non-food booths

Cost: Cafeteria - 200RMB/table, Gym - 150RMB/table
We reccomend that you bring pre-cooked food; a microwave is availble for quickly heating up food. To use the school microwave, add 10 Kuai to the base price. To bring an electronic device, add 50 Kuai per piece.
At least two tables per booth. The maximum number for vendors per booth is three people.

Products may include but are not limited to: food, handicrafts, jewelry, hanging decorations and other decorations, clothing, books, stationery, make-up, toys, bags, and household items.

Deadline for vendors to sign up is Wednesday, Oct. 30. Please contact Head Principal Assistant, Trancy Li, to sign up for a booth: trancy.li@tiseagles.com.

Dates to Remember

Important Dates
Nov. 2 SAT
Nov. 6-9 Qingdao Vidao Weekend
Nov. 11 Veterans Day
Nov. 13 Half Day of School for All Students
Nov. 14-15 No School for All Students