Eagle's Nest 11-15-19

General Announcements

Principals' Coffee

Principals' Coffee is next week! Please join us on Wednesday, November 20th at 10 a.m. to sip some coffee, enjoy some tasty snacks, and engage in conversation with the TIS principal staff. We hope to see many parents on the 20th!

Lost and Found

Please have your child, or yourself (when you are at the Principals’ Coffee on Wednesday) to look through the items in the Lost & Found area. Lost & Found is conveniently located at the Cafeteria entrance. All unclaimed items will be given to those in need on Friday, November 22.

Please do place your child’s name and grade on their clothing so that if their stuff goes missing, it can be promptly returned to its rightful owner.

Thank you very much

Christmas Bazaar

On November 30, TIS will be hosting our annual Christmas Bazaar. We invite all students, staff, parents, and their relatives and friends to this Christmas celebration. Some of the things to look forward to are all the food, clothes, jewelry, crafts, toys, paintings, and so much for sale! Santa will also be making an appearance for photos!

Tickets are on sale for ¥10 in the TIS Welcome Center. Tickets MUST be pre-purchased and will NOT be sold on the day of the event.

This is going to be a fantastic event to help us all get into the Christmas spirit. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

From the TIS Health Office

During this cold and flu season, please be reminded that good handwashing is the BEST way to prevent the spread of germs. Frequently wash with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.


Last year our school adapted the CDC’s “Heads Up” program in how we deal with concussions. It’s important that we all be aware of the danger of overlooked concussions. If you or our coaches suspect a student has suffered a concussion, no matter how mild, the student will be taken out of play and evaluated. If you would like to learn more about concussions, see the website as listed below.


Dates to Remember

Important Dates
Nov.20 Mid-Quarter Reports
Nov. 20 Principal‘s Coffee
Nov. 28 Thanksgiving - Full Day of School
Nov. 29 TIS Science Fair
Nov. 30 Christmas Bazaar