Eagle's Nest 11-23-19


General Announcements

Campus Safety Reminder

All adults on campus are to wear an identifying badge at all times. Staff wear their name tags, and parents wear their parent badges. Visitors and vendors wear visitor badges. Parents who forget their parent badges will need to obtain a visitor’s badge from the guards at the main gate. Parents who would like to get a parent badge can do so with Mrs. Trancy Li, secretary to the head of school. The guards at the gate are required to ensure that all adults have such a badge—please support them as they make our campus safe. Thank you!


학교를방문하는모든어른들은항상방문증을착용해야합니다. 교직원은명찰을달고, 부모님은학부모방문증을착용해주시기바랍니다. 그외의방문객은방문증을착용해야합니다. 학부모방문증을가져오지않으셨을때는, 정문경비실에서방문증을받아서착용해주시기바랍니다. 학부모방문증을분실하여재발급받으시려면, 수석교장비서인Mrs. Trancy Li께문의하시기바랍니다. 정문경비실에서는학교를진입하는모든어른들이해당명찰/방문증을착용하도록요청할것입니다. 이분들의임무를다하고학교의안전한환경을만들기위해모두함께협조해주시기바랍니다. 감사합니다!


Come one come all for an evening of family-friendly excitement! This fantastic musical will warm your hearts and have you dancing in your seats. You will be crooned by cowboys, surprised by stage fighting, and laughing till your sides split. Join us to see a confident cowboy compete with a mysterious farmhand for the love of a winsome farm girl amidst the rugged, unclaimed territory of Oklahoma. Find out why this musical has remained one of the top-selling shows on Broadway!


Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar – December 8th, 2018

Join us here at TIS on December 8 from 10am-2pm for our Annual Christmas Bazaar! 🎄 This will be our 25th Christmas Bazaar.

This Christmas Bazaar is no different from any of the others, as all proceeds go to charity. So we invite you to come and join in the Fun, Food and Festivities, all for a worthy cause.🎅 Tickets can be be purchased for ¥10 at at the TIS Welcome Center or at the entrance to the Bazaar on Dec. 8. For more information, call us at 022-8371-0900 Ext. 311 or email us at admissions@tiseagles.com. Can’t wait to see everyone there! ⛄️

Dates to Remember

Important Dates
Nov. 24 Grades 3-5 Table Tennis at TIS
Nov. 30 TIS Science Fair
Nov. 30 Elementary Christmas Concert
Dec. 1 SAT & Subject Test
Dec. 1 ISAC MS Volleyball Exchanges
Dec. 8 Christmas Bazaar
Dec. 8 – 9 HS Drama