TIS Recipe Book 

Following last year’s successful cooking classes, the PTO will be holding 2 new cooking classes.

  • Thursday 19th April – Donut making with Angie Finnamore. BDHT  1-1-502. 10:00 – 12:30.
  • Friday 27 April – Cooking with Essential Oils. Diana Wing’s apartment. 10:00 – 12:30.

There are 15 places available for each course. To book a place on either course please contact Sharon Cooper atsharon.cooper@tiseagles.com. Cost 50 RMB per course.


Lost & Found

Reminder:  Please do place both your child’s name and grade level on their belongings.  There are more than several items needing to find their owners. If your student has anything lost, please do contact Mrs. Williams.

From the School Nurse

Please be reminded that children should stay home for 24 hours after they have vomited, had diarrhea or fever of 37.7°C/100°F or greater.  This not only helps your child get well but also helps to keep disease from spreading in the classroom.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Weekly AQI/PM2.5 Readings

  • Outside Average Reading =   168  / 89
  • Inside Average Reading =    52 / 13

Click the links below to View and Download Full-Sized Photos for Personal Use (For the current school year only)

This Week in Pictures


ECC Class Assemblies

The following class assemblies are coming up.  If you are a parent of a child in these classes, we warmly welcome you to come to the ECC to take part with your child. The assemblies will start at 8:30 a.m.

  • Oak Class – April 27
  • Mango Class – May 4


ECC Outdoor Classroom

Spring is here, and we are planting our ECC garden. Please remember to dress your child appropriately for playing outside with water, sand and dirt.  Come and see what we are doing in our Outdoor Classroom; you will see children highly engaged and actively learning!


Upcoming Dates

April 25th – Half Day: Dismissal at 1:00 p.m. (Buses depart at 1:15 p.m.)

All students, including half-day students will be dismissed after lunch, at 1:00 p.m.

Super Saturday Soccer – April 21

Our first Super Saturday Soccer Day is scheduled for April 21st! First and second grade students will practice from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Third through fifth grade students will practice from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. If practice needs to be canceled due to weather or high AQI you will be notified by 8 a.m. on Saturday. There are no buses for Super Saturday Soccer Days.


MS Lip-Sync Party

This student event is being held tonight, Friday April 13. The event will end Saturday, April 14 at 9am when student busses will leave campus.


House Soccer Competition

The House Soccer Competition has begun! Last Tuesday, the houses had their first round of soccer games. Next week, on Tuesday April 17 through Thursday April 19, the Houses will again compete with one another from approximately 11:45 until 12:15. Parents are encouraged to come and cheer.


Spring Trip Update

The MS Spring Trip Leaders have been working hard at preparing for this year’s Spring Trips. Over the holiday they traveled to the locations and are preparing agendas and working on the details. Soon you will receive an initial letter with basic details with further information to follow as we get closer to the event.

  • Please remember to check your child’s Visa/Passport expiration dates and contact the school with current updates of these documents. Students who do not have current Visa/Passport documents are unable to go on Spring Trip.


Middle School Sports Updates

Tuesday, April 17th: U14 Boys and Girls Away Basketball Games at TEDA

Bus will leave at 2;30 p.m.

  • U13 Boys Away Basketball Game at Wellington

Bus will leave at 3:25 p.m.

  • U12 Girls Home Basketball Game vs. IST

Thursday, April 19th

  • MS Basketball Practices

Saturday, April 21st ISAC MS Basketball Tournaments

  • U13 Boys at IST (Tianjin) (Season finishes with this tournament)
  • U12 Girls at HBJ (Beijing) (Season finishes with this tournament)
  • U14 Boys at TIS
  • U14 Girls at HIS (Beijing)

Congratulations Athletes for a Successful Basketball Season!


ISC Soccer Tournament

Please take a moment to encourage the soccer teams as they participate in the tournament at WYIS. This tournament will take place April 19 – 21.


Mark Your Calendar

  • 1:00 PM Dismissal: Please note that all students will be dismissed at 1:00 pm on April 25th.
  • Spring Banquet: The Spring Banquet is the evening of April 25th, please encourage your son or daughter to participate in this memorable event.


AP Exams

As students are challenged to learn material at this advanced level, please encourage them in their struggle. AP courses take a significant amount of work, but remember that our teachers are prepared and excited to help your student. Before your child becomes overwhelmed with the challenge, please encourage them to speak with their teacher about extra assistance. AP students asking their teachers for extra help is a normal routine for AP courses.


Spring Trips

Spring trip leaders continue to gather information and are working to create an incredible experience for your children. These will take place the week of May 20th. Please look for information in the coming weeks from the trip leaders.


Counselor’s Corner

ACT Testing

On Saturday, April 14th, 2018, will be the administration of the ACT at Tianjin International School. The testing will take place on the fourth floor of the Secondary Wing.

  • Students may arrive on campus starting at 7:30AM.
  • The check-in process will begin at 7:45 AM.
  • Testing will begin at 8:00 AM.

What to bring:

  • Printed copy of test ticket
  • Photo ID
  • Two No. 2 pencils

Please note the following concerning electronic devices:

Cell phones, smart watches, fitness bands, and any other devices with recording, internet, or communication capabilities are prohibited. Once you are checked into your test room, all devices must be powered off and placed out of sight. You may not handle or access such devices until you leave the test center. If you have a cell phone or electronic device and can store it in a car, locker, or somewhere outside of the test room before you are checked in, please do so.

For additional information, please click on the link provided:


Please contact Mrs. Vaughan if you have any questions or concerns.

Athletics Announcement

Season 3 Athletics have begun and we are excited about the High School Soccer teams and the Middle School Basketball teams.  For this current season in total we have 3 high school soccer teams and three middle school basketball teams.  As the teams begin practices and preparation for the season we want to remind you that you are always welcome as a parent or fan to jump on the bus with us and come watch your children play.


TIS Athletic Results

MS Basketball Results

  • U13 Boys vs. IST: Won 30-12
  • U14 Boys vs. IST: Won 27-15
  • U14 Girls vs. IST: Won 20-11

HS Soccer Results

  • Varsity Ladies vs. TEDA: Won 3-0
  • JV Mens vs. Wellington: Tied 1-1
  • Varsity Ladies vs. Maple Leaf: Won 11-0
  • Varsity Mens vs. Maple Leaf: Tied 2-2


Upcoming MS Basketball Schedule

Tuesday, April 17th

  • U14 Boys and Girls Away Basketball Games at TEDA
    • Bus will leave TIS at 2:30 p.m.
    • Bus will depart TEDA at 5:15 p.m.
    • Drop Off Order: TEDA – BDHT – HYCZ – AC – YG100
  • U13 Boys Away Basketball Game at Wellington
    • Bus will leave TIS at 3:25 p.m.
    • Bus will depart Wellington at 5:15 p.m.
    • Drop Off Order: Wellington – YG100 – AC – HYCZ
  • U12 Girls Home Game vs. IST

Thursday, April 19th

  • MS Basketball Practices

Saturday, April 21st

  • ISAC MS Basketball Tournaments
    • U14 Girls at HIS
    • U12 Girls at HBJ
    • U13 Boys at IST
    • U14 Boys at TIS

Tuesday, April 24th

  • MS Basketball Practices for U14 Boys and Girls teams
  • Thursday through Saturday, April 26th-28th
    • ISC MS Basketball Tournamnet in Wuxi
      • Teams will train down to Wuxi on Thursday, April 26th
      • Teams will fly back to Tianjin on Saturday, April 28th


Upcoming HS Soccer Schedule

Saturday, April 14th

  • ISAC Div 2 Ladies Soccer Tournament
    • The tournament will be hosted by IST.
    • TIS Varsity Ladies Soccer will attend the tournament
  • ISAC Div 3 Mens Soccer Tournament
    • The tournament will be hosted by THIS.
    • TIS JV Mens Soccer will attend the tournament.

Monday, April 16th

  • Varsity Mens and Ladies Away Soccer Games at Wellington
    • Bus will leave at 3:25 p.m.
    • Bus will depart Wellington at 5:15 p.m.
    • Drop Off Order: Wellington – YG100 – AC – HYCZ – BDHT

Wednesday, April 18th

  • HS Soccer Practices

Thursday through Sunday, April 19th-22nd

  • ISC HS Soccer Tournament in Wuhan
  • Varsity Mens and Ladies Team will attend the tournament.
  • Thursday, April 19th the teams will fly down to Wuhan.
  • Sunday, April 22nd the teams will fly back to Tianjin.


Apr. 14 ACT
Apr. 16 – 20 ISC Special Needs Testing week
Apr. 18 House Soccer Competition
Apr. 19 – 21 ISC Soccer Tournament
Apr. 25 Half-day School
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