Mark Your Calendar!  

Trinity Western University Chamber Choir

You are invited to a Concert!

  • When: Wednesday, 28th February  (this is the Wednesday we return from Chun Jie Break)   
  • Time:  2pm
  • Where: Auditorium
  • Why?:  Part of their Goodwill Choir Tour

Open to All TIS Community  (parents, teachers, students)




Would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who were involved in making this year’s China Day a success.  Many thanks to Sunny Shang who spent endless hours.  To all those in the Student Service Club who faithfully served throughout the Day. Those guest performers and teachers; Narnia PreSchool, Oak Trees Early Childhood Centre and Princess Shera’s Dance School.  And of course, to our own students’ performances, who learnt Chinese dances and poetry to share with us all.  And last, but most definitely not least, to our very own TIS Kitchen, Manager Liu JinWei and staff who put together the “Lunch Boxes.”  Thank you all for another very informative, educational, cultural, and entertaining China Day!! Happy New Year!


Weekly AQI/PM2.5 Readings

  • Outside Average Reading = 163 / 80
  • Inside Average Reading =  67 / 20

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This Week in Pictures

Pep Band at ISC Basketball Tourney 2018

ISC Basketball Tournament 2018

VexTianjin Challenge

China Day


China Day

We hope you have a restful and enjoyable time with family and friends. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday, February 26th.


Spring Festival Vacation – February 10th-25th

We hope you have a restful and enjoyable time with family and friends. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday, February 26th.


Upcoming Dates

  • March 7 – Principal’s Coffee
  • March 16 – No Classes for ECC Students


ECC Treehouse

The ECC Treehouse will be closed on February 14th and 21st. Treehouse activities will resume on February 28th.





Spring Festival Vacation – February 10th-25th

We hope you have a restful and enjoyable time with family and friends. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday, February 26th.


Kids Read China Finals

Last weekend, one of the TIS Kids Read teams finished in second place at this competition. Well done!


Middle School Play

On Monday after school was the first play informational meeting. About 14 students went to the meeting, but there is still a possibility of joining the production. Please talk to Mrs. Way for further information. Taking part in this activity is a great way to build skill and experience on or off the stage.



Middle School Model United Nations: DIMUN

On Thursday, March 1, 7th and 8th grade Model United Students will be traveling to Dulwich College in Beijing for their annual DIMUN event. We wish these students well! Any questions can be directed to Ms. Standifird, the MS MUN director.


To Parents

This week we just passed the middle of the third quarter. Parents are encouraged to find a special time to sit with your son/daughter and review your child’s progress in their classes, reading teacher comments and looking their grades for far this quarter.


AMIS High School Honor Choir

We have two students that will be traveling to Germany to participate in this international event. Please remember to support them in all of their diligent work.




We have just finished our season two of sports and are excited about season three. Please support our high school soccer teams as they begin practices this week.


High School Lock-In

Please note your calendar for March 2nd – March 3rd. Many memories will be built and enjoyed as we enjoy this great all night activity. Please look for announcements from our StuCo leadership concerning this event.


AP Exams

As students are challenged to learn material at this advanced level, please encourage them in their struggle. AP courses take a significant amount of work, but remember that our teachers are prepared and excited to help your student. Before your child becomes overwhelmed with the challenge, please encourage them to speak with their teacher about extra assistance. AP students asking their teachers for extra help is a normal routine for AP courses.

ISC HS Basketball Tournament Update

This past weekend we had a fantastic time in the new TIS gymnasium hosting the ISC HS Basketball Tournament.  This tournament was a rather large project and it took the help of many people to make it successful.  Following are some interesting statistics that give you a picture of the organization that it takes to host a tournament this large.  This tournament included 12 basketball teams, 180 coaches and players, 10 referees, 37 total basketball games, 24 busses, 6 airplane flights, 2 train trips, 500 meals served and 1 very busy nurse.  I want to say thank you to the many people of TIS that helped make this tournament a success.  We are proud of all of our TIS basketball teams and their efforts over the whole season and the tournament this past weekend.  Below you will see the results of our TIS teams and also the final tournament standings.

TIS Varsity Ladies Results:

  • TIS vs. ISW: Lost 9-10
  • TIS vs. ISQ: Lost 11-22
  • TIS vs. WYIS: Won 19-14
  • TIS vs. CDIS: Lost 19-21
  • TIS vs. WYIS: Lost 5-17

TIS JV Mens Results:

  • TIS vs. CDIS: Lost 8-36
  • TIS vs. WYIS: Lost 20-23
  • TIS vs. TIS Varsity: Lost 15-40
  • TIS vs. ISQ: Lost 3-32
  • TIS vs. ISW: Lost 20-23
  • TIS vs. ISQ JV: Won 27-19

TIS Varsity Mens Results:

  • TIS vs. ISQ: Won 44-26
  • TIS vs. ISW: Won 43-13
  • TIS vs. ISQ JV: Won 28-10
  • TIS vs. TIS JV: Won 40-15
  • TIS vs. WYIS: Won 26-20
  • TIS vs. CDIS: Won 24-19
  • TIS vs. CDIS: Won 28-25 (Championship Game)

Final Standings of the Ladies Tournament:

  • 1st Place – CDIS
  • 2nd Place – ISW
  • 3rd Place – ISQ
  • 4th Place – WYIS
  • 5th Place – TIS


Final Standings of the Mens Tournament:

  • 1st Place – TIS Varsity
  • 2nd Place – CDIS
  • 3rd Place – ISQ Varsity
  • 4th Place – ISW
  • 5th Place – WYIS
  • 6th Place – TIS JV
  • 7th Place – ISQ JV


Upcoming MS Basketball Schedule

The first practices of the MS Basketball seasons will be held on Tuesday, February 27th.  Middle School students are welcome and encouraged to come out to basketball practice


Upcoming HS Soccer Schedule

This week we had HS Mens and Ladies soccer tryouts.  Now that the tryouts have been completed we will begin specific team practices after the Chinese New Year Break.  The first practice will be on Wednesday, February 28th.



Feb. 7 – 11 AMIS Asian MS Honor Band
Feb. 10- 25 Spring Festival Vacation
Feb. 28 – Mar. 4 AMIS HS Honor Choirs
Mar. 2 – 4 Chengdu Vida Weekend
Mar. 2 – 4 DIMUN (middle school)

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