Eagle's Nest 2-28-20

General Announcements

From the TIS Health Office

Hand-washing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick.

Proper hand-washing reminder:

  1. Wet hands with clean running water. (May turn off tap.)
  2. Lather hands by rubbing them together with soap away from water. Lather the front and back of hands, between fingers, around/under nails, including thumbs and wrists.
  3. Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds. (Need a timer? Sing “Happy Birthday” twice.)
  4. Rinse hands thoroughly under clean, running water.
  5. Dry hands thoroughly using a clean towel, hand dryer or air dry them.
    The cleaned hands should not touch the water tap directly again. The tap may be turned off by using a disposable towel.

Because the best protection from all respiratory viruses is similar, to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, such as the flu and pneumonia…

• Maintain good personal hygiene
• Wash your hands often with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds. Wash immediately after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. If soap and water are not readily available, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty or greasy.
• Eat foods that have been well-cooked.
• Avoid touching your face (especially eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.)
• Avoid contact with people who are sick.
• Stay home when sick and avoid close contact with others. If you are ill, do not travel.
• Consider wearing masks when in public if ill and around others who are sick.
• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing, and immediately discard any tissues in the trash and wash hands.
• Clean and disinfect frequently-touched objects and surfaces.

Additional current recommendation:
• Avoid animals (alive or dead) and animal markets or products that come from animals (such as uncooked meat).

We would highly recommend taking your temperature to check for any fever before leaving home to make sure you are not ill.

For more information, please check out the following websites;
World Health Organization
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
International SOS

Mrs. Gilbert & Mr. Jeon
School Nurses

Dates to Remember

Important Dates
Mar. 2-6 School Break
Mar. 9-20 HBL continues
Mar. 23 Return to school campus*
Mar. 27 End of 3rd Quarter
March 30 Start of 4th Quarter

*These dates are subject to change. Any change to this date will be communicated via e-mail