Week of 11-01-21


Hear from the Head

November 5, 2021

Dear Parents,

One of our key objectives for the year is the need to improve communication. Over the course of this school year, you will hear from me on a regular basis through our new “Hear from the Head” section on Eagle’s Nest. This communication piece will ensure that you are informed on current issues and future planning regarding the school. The information provided through these regular communication pieces will focus on various topics, some of which have been gathered directly from yourselves through multiple channels. One such channel was the recent Quarter 1 Parent Survey. Your comments, feedback, and suggestions are appreciated, and the administrative team will take the time to evaluate, discuss and act on your responses. Thank you to those who completed the survey.

New Staff are Coming Soon
I admit this journey has been long and challenging. Still, I’m pleased to say that our new staff finally see some ability to receive visas. It is worth pointing out that obtaining PU letters and visas for United States citizens has been extremely difficult throughout this year. Our sources are telling us that almost nobody is receiving visas for their dependents from the U.S. However, through some amazing grit, we are seeing progress in this area. So much so we are excited to announce that our first family, the McTaggart’s, will arrive in China TODAY! Please look out for grade level and divisional letters from our principals, Miss Barsalou and Mr. Delzer, respectively with more specifics about Mr. and Mrs. McTaggart’s impending arrival on campus.

For the remaining families who have yet to receive their visas, we expect them to have them in the near future. I will continue to keep you updated on their progress.

Parent Workshops
Throughout this school year, our administrative team has been developing an idea to provide parent workshops. We plan to provide a variety of workshops that are not limited to education but may also include current events, business issues, or other related topics. We believe that TIS could use this platform to bless our parents and the broader expatriate community.

We look forward to sharing dates and times in the near future.

Principals’ Coffee
The second principals’ coffee is fast approaching. Please join us on Wednesday, November 17, for this morning of fellowship. One of our greatest joys is to provide opportunities for parents and staff to fellowship together. We will begin in the auditorium, where the divisional principals and I will share on recent school life. Then, we will transition to the Landing for coffee and snacks.

Campus Security
I want to remind you that campus security is an essential part of creating a safe learning environment. All adults on campus should have a visible parent badge, visitor sticker, or staff name tag. If present on campus, please bring your parent badge; if you do not have it, we will assist you in receiving a name tag from the Welcome Center.

Additionally, you may notice the yellow and black barricades in front of our gates. The local authorities have indicated that we need to have these measures in place for increased protection. When the opportunity presents for further construction, we plan a more permanent solution to the security at our gates.

Finally, I want to wish our high school boys soccer team all the best for this weekend’s Zzangmaru tournament.


Ryan Witt

School Wide News and Announcements

Travel Advice and Protocols

Nov. 5

Due to the recent domestic COVID-19 situation, the Tianjin Municipal Education Committee and the Municipal Education Working Committee are addressing school regulations and protocols. Please take the time to read through the guidelines and protocols below.

  • DO NOT leave Tianjin, if not necessary. If you need to leave Tianjin, you must report your destination and return date to the school. Please connect with one of our liaisons with this information.
  • If you are travelling, please ensure you:
    • carry sufficient protective supplies during the journey
    • pay close attention to personal hygiene
    • maintain social distancing, and
    • actively cooperate with health monitoring staff working in public transportation areas and epidemic prevention management.
  • DO NOT go to medium to high-risk areas. Those returning to Tianjin from counties, cities, and districts that are medium or high-risk areas will need home quarantine for 14 days. A COVID test with a negative test result will be required after the quarantine period and before a return to campus is permitted.
  • According to the requirements of the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau, persons returning to Tianjin from low-risk areas must obtain a negative COVID test within 48 hours of their return. Only when a negative COVID test is obtained will a return to campus be permitted.
  • Due to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 situation, those who will travel should be prepared for home quarantine.
  • Anyone who has been to infected areas identified by the Municipal Prevention and Control Bureau, has residence history in those areas, or has a connection with infected person/s shall follow the guidelines and protocols set in accordance by local authorities of Tianjin.
  • If you have left and returned to Tianjin, a 14-day body temperature record should be logged and reported to the school.

If you have any questions, please let me contact the school.

Fine Arts Celebration

Nov. 4

Join us on November 12 for an evening showcasing the fine arts at TIS. There will be singing, dancing, artwork, and many other excellent performances. Please scan the QR code on the poster below to register for this event.


“That Time Of Year” - TIS Fall Play

Nov. 5

Tickets on sale NOW at the Welcome Center!


TIS Safety Week

Nov. 05

Safety Week happens next week! Use the following flyer to discuss with your child what they have been learning each day about SAFETY.

Principals’ Coffee

Nov. 5


Pink Ribbon Recap

Nov. 5

It was terrific to see the TIS community get behind this worthy cause in the month of October. The baked goods were delicious, and families had lots of fun at the family movie night. A special thanks to the PTO steering committee for organizing the various events. Well done!

Divisional News


Safety Week

Nov. 5

Next week is safety week. The ECC students will be talking about bus and bike safety. Earlier this year, the ECC students discussed fire safety. They will review what they learned earlier this year throughout this week. Also, one morning this week, there will be a bus safety drill where all students will practice exiting the bus from the emergency exit.


Nov. 5

We are so excited to be able to open our lobby after school. This week, we have reminded the students of the lobby rules, so we wanted to be sure that we let you know what those rules are as well. We are looking forward to partnering with you to keep our ECC lobby a safe place for all students.
Rule #1 - No running or chasing
Rule #2 - Play nicely with the toys (please don’t throw them)
Rule #3 - Use inside voices (please don’t scream and yell as that is an outside voice)
Rule #4 - Clean up when you are finished or before you leave the ECC.

Thank you,
Miss Barsalou


Safety Week

Nov. 5

During the second quarter, the elementary focuses on safety in many different areas. Next week is a whole school focus on safety, and the elementary will be joining in the discussions. They will talk about bus safety and participate in a bus evacuation drill, with all students exiting the bus from the emergency exit. Bike safety will also be focused on, as well as a reminder given regarding fire safety. Over the course of the quarter, each class will spend a week or two learning about internet safety.


Nov. 5

As the weather gets colder, please have your child wear a coat to school each day. In the school, the heat is on. Since heat rises, the second and third floors can get warm in the afternoon. Please ask your child to dress in layers, so that they are not too hot in their class in the afternoon.


After-school happenings

Nov. 5


Students have been training for the upcoming ISCOT Badminton tournament, which will be held next Saturday, November 13, at TEDA.


Several students are taking the opportunity to receive additional academic support from student tutors and teachers on Monday and Wednesday.

Maker Club

Grade 7 and 8 students will have the opportunity to participate in 4 Maker Space sessions taught by Mr. Heimer starting on November 24. Students who are interested should sign up at the MS whiteboard in the hallway.


There is a currently a break in the program but things will restart when preparations for the next MUN conferences need to begin.

House Soccer Competition

Nov. 5

Next Monday will be the final House Soccer Games to see who wins this year’s tournament.


Nov. 5

It was great to see our middle school students taking the opportunity to climb the wall in the gym the last two weeks. In the future, the opportunity will be available again and we hope to have even more climbers.

Second Quarter

Nov. 5

This is a reminder that we are one week away from the midpoint of the second quarter. Students are encouraged to contact their teachers for needed support and parents are encouraged to meet with their children to review PowerSchool grades and address any learning needs.


Zzangmaru Soccer Tournament

Nov. 5

This weekend, several of our high school boys are competing in an annual Zzangmaru soccer tournament. Teams made of TIS students have won the last two years and we’re cheering them on to win a third time!

ISC Odyssey Summer 2022 Service Trips

Nov. 5

Students received an email regarding ISC Odyssey Summer 2022 Service Trips. Students interested in the trip should follow the provided QR code in email and fill out the survey for further information.


Nov. 5

This is a reminder to help our students build good habits. Teens need 9-9.5 hours of sleep a night. This is more than they needed when they were 10 years old. “This is because they are going through a second developmental stage of cognitive maturation” says Michael Crocetti, M.D., M.P.H., a John Hopkins pediatrician. Students not getting enough sleep impacts cognitive and physical development, relationships, and performance in school and on assessments. It is imperative students get the sleep they need for healthy growth.

College and Career

International University Studies

Nov. 5

Thinking of attending University in the UK, Canada, or US? Follow the link below to register for a webinar with the latest university admissions information.

Senior Portraits

Nov. 5

2021110504(photo cred: home.cady.com)
Seniors: Now is the time to begin thinking about your Senior portraits. If you would like to work with TIS photographers, please contact charles.schreur@icloud.com to schedule a time.


Season 2

Nov. 5

Season 2 has begun. High School basketball had try-outs this past week. We will have one varsity ladies and mens team. Mens team is coached by Mr. Chen, Mr. Keegan, and Mr. Witt. The ladies are coached by Ms. G Kim and Mr. Carman.

Middle School Volleyball

Nov. 5

Middle school volleyball first practice is Tuesday, November 9. Please arrive to the gym after school ready to practice. The middle school boys are coached by Mr. Kim and Ms. Gines. The middle school girls are coached by Mrs. Emerson and Ms. Russell

Health Office


Nov. 5

With HS basketball season coming and MS volleyball starting next week, there is an increased possibility that students will get head knocks when participating in various sports activities or playing with friends on campus.

In recent years, our school has adopted the CDC’s “Heads Up” program in how we deal with concussions. It’s important that we all be aware of the danger of overlooked concussions. If our coaches suspect a student has suffered a concussion, no matter how mild, the student will be taken out of play and evaluated.

If you would like to learn more about concussions, head to the following website https://www.cdc.gov/HeadsUp/






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