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Robotics give students an opportunity to show real life problem solving in action. Our programs allow students to use their creativity to propose different solutions to a design problem. They learn how to troubleshoot effectively and use the design process to work and rework a problem improving their design with each iteration. This type of hands on learning and critical thinking are important skills for students throughout their lives.



Through the TIS robotics program students have had opportunities to travel to Tokyo, Japan, Taipei, Taiwan, and Louisville, Kentucky to participate in Robotics tournaments. TIS also hosts its own VEX Robotics challenge each year with teams from other international schools around China. These tournaments are a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their work to solve problems with their robots under pressure.

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Robotics Opportunities at TIS

At TIS we strive to build a solid foundation in critical thinking and problem solving. Our robotics program is an important part of this endeavor. Students are able to demonstrate their ability to use the engineering design process to think through the problem (Ideate), come to a solution (Implement), and try out their solution (Test). See what this looks like in each grade level!


In the elementary this looks like learning the basics of building simple structures, and using drag and drop code to move the robots. Robotics is integrated in the classroom and available through extr-curricular clubs.

Middle School

In Middle School the structures become more complex, and some written code is mixed with the drag and drop interface. Robotics is available to middle school students during after-school clubs.

High School

In High School robotics the structures need to be further designed and built using aluminum construction and the code is written in a C based language. High school students can pursue robotics through student-led clubs.