Early Childhood

young male student at tianjin international school learning physical fitness with red bicycle

Our Early Childhood Center provides concrete learning experiences in literacy, numeracy, creativity, and social and physical development.

A warm welcome from our Principal

Welcome to our beautiful Early Childhood Center!

Listen to the happy buzz of children learning and playing. Feel the warmth of well-trained and passionate teachers who are dedicated to teaching our friends in the Early Childhood Center (ECC). Our facility is perfectly designed to support the growth and development of young learners as they engage in high-quality, fun, and age-appropriate learning experiences.

We hope that you can be a part of our ECC family.

Dani Beth Barsalou

ECC + Elementary Principal

Bringing the curriculum to life

library of books at tianjin international school early childhood center

English immersion

By nurturing young learners in an English-speaking environment, we’re able to develop fundamental reading, writing, listening, and communicating skills in every student—even our littlest ones.

empty playground outside the tianjin international school early childhood center

Learning through play

Play is a critical part of our program, and from dedicated inside spaces to the outdoor classroom, our children grow in a safe, stimulating and appropriate environment.

young female student riding a yellow bicycle outside tianjin international school early childhood center

Always student-centered

We balance every student’s learning experience with both age-appropriate structure and self-directed activity. The goal is to help students gain and develop social and academic skills, while ensuring the quality of their education is intellectually stimulating and personally meaningful.

four young students in yellow swing outside tianjin international school early childhood center

Character development

Purpose, humility, courage, compassion, persistence, discernment, service, curiosity and connection… These are the nine qualities we instill in all our students, from their early childhood years on.

paint brushes sticks and balls inside tianjin international school early childhood classroom

Learning beyond lessons

Co-curricular activities offer students the motivation to learn, build confidence, develop their character, grow physically, and nurture their creativity. Students who are involved in co-curricular opportunities also become more invested—socially and academically—in their overall school experience.

teachers and parents interacting within tianjin international school early childhood center

Partnering with parents

A strong partnership with parents ensures a better education for their children. Through multiple formal and informal parent events, and regular communication throughout the school year, we keep parents up-to-date on various aspects of education, vital for their child’s success.

Our Early Childhood teaching team

Jackilou Flores

ECC Teacher

Cherry Wu

ECC Teacher

Elena Otanva

ECC Teacher

Zugelis Brito

ECC Teacher

Ying Liu

General Teaching Assistant

Joy Cao

General Teaching Assistant

Melody Pan

General Teaching Assistant

Christine Wen


Christina Wu

ECC / Elementary Principal Assistant

Erin Jin

Music Teacher

Jessica Guan

Elementary Art Teacher

John Otanwa

PE Teacher

Emily Zhao

Chinese Teacher

Recognized for excellence

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Tianjin International School is accredited by Cognia, the largest education improvement organization in the world—demonstrating our commitment to learners, teachers, leaders and communities.

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